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The Bamboo Company

Excellent service! 10 stars deserved!

I ordered six various plants from The Bamboo Company and was prepared to wait for as long as it took for them to arrive (that seems to be the norm just lately with most online companies) Within a couple of days I received an apology as there would be a slight delay in the arrival of the black bamboo I'd ordered. Within a further couple of days the whole of my order arrived. My order went in on the 17th June, arrived on the 21st June....that is NOT a delay , believe me!

The website is set out so that you can buy exactly the size and expected future height of each variety: VERY easy to follow!

Each of my six plants was in perfect condition and brilliantly packaged. The Golden Crookstem Bamboo was way beyond my expectations in its height and after only six weeks or so has grown an unbelievable amount. The two Black Bamboos are incredibly stunning and are 10x better than anything I've seen at various garden centres (and a fraction of the price given the size and obvious age of the plants: all stems are established and ebony). The other three smaller plants are thriving and growing at a fantastic pace.

This has to be one of the best companies I've ever dealt with (THE best?) and I'll definitely be buying from them again. Thank you for such an excellent service!


Lovely items, shame about the pace! **RATING REVIEWED**

As an update to the review I wrote below, I'd like to take this opportunity to say that Greenfingers have done everything in their power to rectify the problem I had. I've had constant contact from them since I posted my review and they have been totally professional. They have taken the matter up with the courier company they use, my damaged goods are to be replaced, and my full postal costs refunded. I can't ask any more than that!
Many thanks to Grrenfingers!

I've bought several items from Greenfingers in the past and a lot of the time I've had to wait. I've been patient in the past and I've let it go.....BUT...

This time, because I needed certain items for a birthday gift, I paid the extra couple of quid to get them to me sooner. I thought that upgrading the delivery option would resolve past issues with delivery. My work's address was given because I have more possibility of receiving it there than if I'm at home or out somewhere. WASTE OF TIME! I emailed Greenfingers when my order hadn't arrived by mid-week because there would be no one at work on the Thursday to receive the order, and to be fair they were very helpful and told me that they would contact the courier. But by this time the courier had already tried to deliver the order, but of course everyone was out and the office shut, no one could take them in. Greenfingers then rearranged a delivery on the Friday between 8 and 6. NO DELIVERY! ....and no delivery on the Saturday...and then on the Monday, when yet again no one was at my work place, they tried to deliver the order. I rang the courier and complained that IF the order had been delivered on the Friday, AS PLANNED, then someone would have been there to receive it. No explanation was given as to why it wasn't delivered on the Friday and I was told it would now arrive on Wednesday (today)
Sure enough it arrived...tattered, torn and in an absolute MESS! My colleague signed for the order but had the delivery man sign to say it was delivered and left in damaged state.
I'm not back in until Friday so I wont know if the goods are actually damaged or not, but I feel that paying the extra for a faster delivery service is a waste of time and money cos you end up waiting just as long. I know its only a couple of quid more, but its that principal of the whole thing. I emailed them yesterday and again today, but so far, no reply.
If the goods are damaged then I expect their courier services to come and pick up the goods and a full refund given, INCLUDING the money I paid for carriage!

The items I've bought in the past have been good (not brilliant) certainly for what I paid for them...but the service and delivery leaves a LOT to be desired!
I'll certainly start looking around for a better service from other similar companies selling similar products, and I'd rather pay more than to have to be messed around. After all, this is the age of internet shopping and Greenfingers are NOT the only company selling such items on the net, and the sooner they get their 'greenfinger' out, and do something about their delivery and customer services, the better!

Scores out of 10:
Items: 5
Delivery and service: 1 (and thats only because they DID email me back at some point)

23 August 2012

Reply from

Hi Paul. I am sorry to hear of the problems encountered with your recent order. We will contact you direct with a view to resolving the matter to your total satisfaction. Kindest regards, and once again, my most sincere apologies. Yvonne Jack (Head of Customer Services)



I ordered a water butt (with the forthcoming threat of a water shortage). I put my order in on the Monday afternoon when I was off from in the following day from work and it had been left with my next door neighbour. If THAT isn't EXCELLENT service, then I don't know what is! Other companies should sit up and take notice!
And the water butt is exactly what I was looking for!



The ONLY reason I've given this company 1 star is that there isn't a no-star rating option available. NO STARS is what they deserve.
At all costs, avoid buying from Achica. After waiting for several weeks you end up with items you didn't order, which means that your items have gone elsewhere. The links to contact them on their website do not work, and there are no telephone numbers available to call them on. Emails don't get answered no matter how many times you complain to them. Their goods might be cheaper and save you a lot of money, but what you're buying is nothing but a load of hassle! I for one hope that this company goes under, and will endeavour to spread the word that they are unprofessional and untrustworthy.

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