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fairly interactive and easy to navigate.

I actually prefer the website to my paper bills.
Website guides me along and I can view my usage, updated every 24 hrs so I know when to cut back to save on bills.

The design is also easy on the eyes and not too much information jumbled up at once.


Lots of information available.

Someone out there has asked everything you can imagine about hair. Good information portal.


Easy navigation

it doesn't have a mobile specific page but the website platform is not heavy so easy to do everything on your mobile like you would when logged on.

Good alternative to high street banks.


Easy navigation

Everything I need is presented to me quickly so I am in and out, not lingering looking for stuff.

The buyer and seller protection is also top notch.


Google Doodle is just so innovative

I look forward to the doodles frequently and they give me a good history lesson as I have never been a fan but the Google doodles make them fun.

Navigation is so intuitive. I wish I invented Google :-)

keep them coming.


Lots of information available.

items are listed with a lot of information, this always helps rather than only getting aesthetic info about a product, you can get reviews, extracts from books, reviews from customers (you can tell which reviews were verified purchases not just paid review), good product selection and pricing too.

keep it up.


love the deals and reviews

it is quite fair in pricing and good transparency with accurate availability information.
I have used it a lot and it always delivers.

Customer service is also very helpful if there's an issue.


good deals always

quick postage, and good pricing --- can't beat that.


It's very inviting

It draws you in and quite easy to navigate brands.
They can also have very good deals online and offline. Free shipping to store is a definite advantage as I have one right next door.

Wish they would sort out a mobile page though. There are just too many items for it to be used on a mobile.


it's like stepping into a virtual warehouse.

For the amount of items it has, it tends to load up quite quickly.

Love the mobile page, loads up very quick and doesn't compromise images or other info.
I tend to stick to other labels when purchasing from asos as I am not familiar with the asos own brand.
the free shipping is also a winner.


Good reviews and stock checks but needs a mobile page

I like the reviews and you can check for item stock near you, these are great tools for me.
However, sometimes, I need to check for info online via mobile phone and this is where it really doesn't live up.
Also, if you have slowish connection, don't bother.


More good than bad...

This site has it all. I have done over 300 purchases and over 300 sales. I can barely remember when I had issues.
All in all, a good experience. There is a fairly steep learning curve for beginners these days but eBay provides a lot of information and tools for both buyer and seller protection.


great great great

1st I was amazed they had stock of items no one in the world had and I placed the order on Saturday midnight and received by Tuesday afternoon. Doesn't get better than that now, does it?

I will definitely be restocking via them from now on.

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