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Incorrect baggage allowance information given

Me and my partner decided to book a trip to Belize as this is where his family live. Opodo came up with the cheapest price, not by much but the cheapest. on our confirmation it stated that we could have TWO suitcases EACH. I thought this was alot as i had only travelled within europe and you are normally only allowed 1 suitcase. To try and be sure and prevent having too many cases at the airport, as we could be taking things family needed out in Belize where things are not so cheap, i emailed Opodo.
this is the email reply that i got from them:
Dear - Miss johnson,

Thank you for your recent email.

I've had a look into your booking for you and are allowed two checked in bags weighing 23kg each. Also in addition to the check in luggage you are allowed one piece of hand luggage.

Once again thank you for contacting Opodo and we hope that we can be of service to you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Georgina Beall


- - - -
Following this email i thought i would be fine with the 2 suitcases each as confirmed now by them and on my confirmation.
But no......
When i got to the airport i was told we were only allowed one piece each, the lady at the check in also stated that "it is a common thing for opodo to make baggage allowance mistakes" we were shocked and now in trouble as we had luckily one extra case and no way to be able to shuffle our things as we had packed it with things for our family. We were charged £66 for the suitcase and that is only one way so will have to leave our suitcase in belize thus costing us the price of a suit case too.

As i was in Belize my mother emailed Opodo on my behalf to explain what had happened and to try and rectify it or perhaps get a refund for their mistake?
Sure enough we got an email back from them 10 DAYS LATER!!! stating that we should have read the FAQS. They also passed blame and refused to refund any of the money. What is £66 to a big company as that as to a person scraping money together to get home see family they have not for 3 years. More to the point they point blanked lied. to say im disappointed and angry is an understatement, they do not care or apologise or try to recify it and lied from the start. My advice to someone would be pay the extra few £ and use somebody else!

Hope this saves some of your from getting caught up with extra charges, never use opodo guys!

Thanks :)

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