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A good site for showing original work

Etsy is an easy to use site designed for original artwork and handmade products. It has a very simple interface. You're going to have to work hard to promote your store though, since they don't do anything to help advertise you or even help you become searchable on google or yahoo.

The only other problem I have is that they do NOTHING to stop people that are resellers and just lie and say they made the item. When you find a dress that someone claims to have designed and then see that it's a designer dress from another site, it can be a little irritating. They usually don't bother to even change the pictures from the site where they're getting the dress.


Tech Support is a Nightmare.

My husband and I bought two Dell Studio Laptops. The monitor went out on mine the day we opened it. Dell immediately sent for it and repaired it. All good right? Well, the laptop broke again very soon. Within a year it went back and forth to Dell 4 times. The last time I sent it it was because the laptop got so hot that I have burn scars on my thighs from the screws sitting on my legs. When I got it back it was missing parts! The fingerprint reader was gone and while the original problem wasn't repaired and new things were a problem, I had become afraid to send it back to them again. They'd had it over a month and when they did send it back it was worse! In the first year they had it more than I did! I'll never buy another Dell. In my experience they aren't reliable enough and when something goes wrong (and it will) good luck on getting a REAL repair.


Great way to connect, but too many games.

Facebook is, of course, a great way to stay connected with friends and family. The only problem with it is that there isn't a way to filter out all the game requests. It can mean hunting through requests for game pieces to find out what people are actually saying. And if you play the games, be prepared to spend actual money. More and more games require regular use of Facebook Credits.


Upload your files and never see them again!

Badongo is a data storage site. You upload your files, theoretically as a virtual drive or to ease sharing with friends and family members of files that are too large to email. Theory however, is not practice.

Unless you pay for a premium membership, which you will be prompted to do EVERY PAGE, you have to wait 60 seconds before downloading. Then you have to click the download button in a fraction of a microsecond or you're told that your download "timed out", please go back and try again. If you hit it in time and actually get to the page where your download should start "automatically" (There's no option to start it manually) Then you have a 33% chance of actually getting your download. The other 66% of the time you either get sent on to the timed out page or to another page which says that you have to wait 35 seconds between downloads, even if you haven't downloaded in hours!

I spent 2 hours trying to get a 20k file! In the end I gave up and tried to delete all my files and just be done with it. Guess what? That doesn't work very well either. You delete something and IF it agrees to delete, that doesn't mean it's gone. Some of the files I deleted (which you can only delete one file at a time) came back later after a few other files were "deleted".

This is the WORST site I've ever tried to use! Although I sent a message to tech support within business hours, all I got was a form mail. Frankly, Monkeys doped up on Acid or Crack could probably create a better, more functional site!

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