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Event Mobile Tyres

The 5th Emergency Service?

For those of us who foolishly drive cars without a spare wheel / biscuit wheel / tube of squirty gloop / or in my case running on ContiSeal tyres, and who manage to break the sidewall / crack an allow / get a flat somehow, then these guys are the ones to call. Don't call the AA/RAC/et al coz they'll say "Oooh, cracked sidewall? Not a puncture, no, it's an accident. You'll need a recovery service that will cost you an arm and a leg." Grrrr.
I bought a new alloy. Met them at the car and it was all over in a matter of minutes. The girl I made the booking through even made sure they had a spare ContiSeal on board incase the tyre was stuffed as well.
Good job. Good price.
Thank you!

Wool Overs Ltd

Long time satisfied customer... one niggle about one product

We've bought a lot of kit from Woolovers over the years and can highly recommend them. The only niggle is one that has come about through having been a customer for so long is with the hemming of collar and arm holes of the Cashmere Merino
Smart Sleeveless top. The stitching comes adrift eventually and so it begins to fall apart. Perhaps we hang onto the items past their use-by date, but that said, we're still happy to buy. Thanks.


Avoid at all costs

“ Absolutely No Call Out Charges ”
"All our locksmiths are uniformed"

Hmmm, having rung in the afternoon to make a non-emergency appointment the following morning, the chap turns up (out of uniform) and diagnoses a busted lock barrel. It is replaced with a "Euro Security" one. So far so good. Old barrel out of the door, I'm told that the new barrel costs "one twenty nine" (it's "High quality 6 pin cylinders conforming to EN1303; Anti Drill; Anti Pick; Bump Resistant; Snap Secure) and oh, labour charges for about 20 mins work? £85.

So I visit a local highstreet locksmith to get some spare keys cut. Never heard of "Xcel" says the shop owner, probably Chinese, I need to have the barrel to see if I have a blank. When I returned with the barrel he finds a blank and cuts spares. How much would you charge for one of these barrels I ask. His carry the British Kitemark and are names you recognise like Yale or Union; answer: c.£30.

A quick Google for Xcel reveals the barrels are retailing for closer to £20.

Of course, I spoke to West Byfleet Locksmiths and suggested that perhaps the engineer meant to charge me £29 not £129. Was there a mistake? Did they get back to me about it? Nah!

I rang back a day or so later and spoke to "the manager" (who has no name) who was clearly annoyed that the secretary on the land line had put the phone through to his mobile. I wanted an address to write to him and sort this problem out. No address, we're a mobile locksmith. No address for his accountant. No address as used by HMRC.

Be aware that West Byfleet Locksmiths are not alone. There are others that are cross-promoted on the website:

Esher Locksmith Esher KT10,
Cobham Locksmith Cobham KT11,
Walton-Thames Locksmith Walton KT12,
Weybridge Locksmith Weybridge KT13,
West Byfleet Locksmith West Byfleet KT14,
Addlestone Locksmith Addleston KT15,
Chertsy Locksmith Chertsey KT16,
Epsom Locksmith Epsom KT17,
Tadworth Locksmith Tadworth KT20,
Ashstead Locksmith Ashstead KT21,
Leatherhead Locksmith Leatherhead KT22,
West Drayton Locksmith West Drayton UB7,
Uxbridge Locksmith Uxbridge UB8,

There's the tale of how I was taken for a lot of money. You decide if you want to do business with them.


All round good guys

The call recorder system (I purchased from Re-Tell themselves) works well, it needed a tweak or two, but the tech support was good and it got sorted. I hit an accounting snag a few months down the line but once again the customer service was up to the mark and that too got sorted. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, unlike Best4Systems!

Dreadful customer service

It's so easy to be nice when things are not going wrong. But here, I have experienced the very worst sort of customer service.

A s/w product (on CD) remains unlicenced after the 60 day trial. An attempt to get a returns number under their own 12 mth warranty and refunds policy and/or under the terms of the software trial are denied by Best4Systems.

On being given a second bite of the customer service cherry, B4S continued to refuse.

12 December 2011

Reply from best4systems

This customer made an online purchase for some Retell call recording hardware. The hardware works in conjunction with a CD which comes with a temporary licence which is upgraded to a permanent licence on request. 6 months after the purchase this customer issued a request for a return.
The customer states a 60 day trial period, Retell offer 30 days only. The customer states that we have a 12 month warranty and refund policy, we have a 7 day no quibble returns policy and offer 12 months warranty on products. Through our communications with this customer, it transpired that the customer had used the product through the 30 day trial, then, and to quote the customer, the product ''had fallen into disuse''.
Although we offered the customer support and assistance in licencing the product, all offers of assistance were turned down in pursuit of a refund. The manufacturer Retell only issue returns for hardware on a 7 day basis, not 6 months.


Tall blessing with a but...

The target market for LTS is not huge (no pun intended) and this necessarily means that the prices are higher than other outlets who deride us as being "the wrong size". A curse on all such imbeciles!

LTS has expanded its range of offerings now to include shoes, jewellery and other accessories which is a good thing. I would recommend LTS more heartily if they would go the extra mile and line their skirts that can take a lining and whose price is such that one would expect one. As an alternative, at least sell some slips that complement their length and style.

The range of shoes are welcome but stop short of being comprehensive because sizes seem to stop at 11.


Reliable, accurate and good quality

I've bought all sorts from Lindy over the years and have returned to them on a number of occasions when other suppliers have let me down.

Higher Nature

Knowledge is power

If you know what you want, the chances are HN will have it and that the quality will be good. If it works for you, then that's great. The descriptions for the products are littered with caveats like "may", "could", "might" etc etc and I suspect that there is an element of the meaningless verbal hyperbole infecting this area that has rendered the cosmetics sector risible.

But... it is our right to be able to buy these products in the face of the opposition funded by pharma and driven by prejudice.

Smiths Silent Salesman

Solid and dependable

No nonsense kit here, the prices are competitive too. Well packaged and a respectable delivery time.

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