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Great service & products as usual

next day delivery. great products & prices. Thanks!

Mr Memory

Easy, cheap & quick!

I called for advice which I received, placed my order online expecting the memory to take a few days. Within 24 hours I had the memory installed. I have already got you another customer. Great service!

Freestart plc

Stop calling me every day you muppets!

I signed up with Freestart several months ago. It seemed like a good, low risk deal for a facebook store.
However with 1000’s of sku’s and no easy way to bulk list products it has been a complete waste of money. Lesson learned but that is not my main complaint.
I am absolutely and completely hacked off with the constant phone calls trying to sign me up. Read this Freestart, I HAVE ALREADY SIGNED UP & PAID YOU.
I sometimes get 3 calls per day from a different person at the company! In all I guess that I have had over 60 calls from Freestart trying to get me to sign up for something I HAVE ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR.
I have pleaded with each person to remove me from the cold calling database. Unfortunately it seems that they only employ chimpanzees as even this simple task is beyond them. In fact I think that I am being unkind to chimps as they would be able to press a button on command.
If I get one more phone call from Freestart I will take the time to drive to their HQ with a pair of garden shears and personally cut the phone lines!
The legality of this operation seems to be suspect. They seem to be getting their information from eBay. I doubt that eBay are selling data. It is more likely that they are getting contact information from eBay listings, which is meant for customers only.
My company is also registered with the telephone preference service which means that every time Freestart cold call me they are breaking the law.
My advice, if you get a call from Freestart. Put the phone down or tell them to stick the facebook store where the sun does not shine

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