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Power Tools Direct

Great price, rapid delivery

I searched extensively on line for power-saving lamps, but didn't want the nasty "compact fluorescent" or the dim and useless LED types. Halogen replacements for conventional lamps fit the bill exactly. They have truly white light, and save more than 30% of the energy of the tungsten lamps they replace. They're not as "green" as some of the alternatives, but they give sparkling white bright light! I don't want to return to the "Dark Ages" so these are perfect.
Power Tools Direct offered the lamps I wanted at a great price. They turned up on time, well packed and at a great price!
Forget the nasty, dim "green" lamps - go with the dimmable halogens!


Quality service - mostly!

Orange seem to have a good network coverage since they amalgamated with T-Mobile. Signal availability, particularly in cities - is usually better than the competition.

Their pricing schemes appear to be quite competitive, and their bonuses ("magic" numbers and Orange Wednesdays) are fairly useful!


High prices and poor service

I have completely given up dealing with Maplin.

I used to use them as an emergency supplier for the small quantities of particular values of components I need for development work. I don't any more.

Their prices are ridiculous, and their sales staff don't know or care about the things they're meant to be selling. Their stock is invariably at variance with the data on their computer (in EVERY branch I've ever been in to). I've given up trying to buy anything from them - even in dire emergency.

I can get all the components that Maplin sell at less than 1/10th of the Maplin price by shopping elsewhere. That's for small quantities. When I want to bulk-buy, Maplin are often 100 times more expensive!

Please avoid at all costs! The sooner this company dies off the better for everyone. Please boycott them and shop elsewhere.

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Expensive, Clueless, and with Abysmal Service

Virgin took over our local cable TV network from Telewest. Telewest were just short of completely hopeless, but Virgin actually manage to be worse!

They claim that they can provide a "20 Mb/s" service. They can't. It's seriously restricted at peak periods, and NEVER achieves the speeds they claim at any time. Worse yet, they have arbitrarily applied download limits (that are never consistent), and when their random restrictions kick in, the speed is reduced to 1/20th of the maximum that you can get (which is NEVER as advertised).

Their advertising is probably fraudulent - they fail to mention their random restrictions or that their network NEVER really achieves the advertised speeds.

They are also spectacularly expensive for a poor service. It is NOT a fibre-optic network (as widely advertised) - bits of it may be, but most of it is the cheapest, nastiest coaxial cable that they could find, and is rapidly rotting, giving all sorts of intermittent faults and random reductions in their already compromised data rates.

I gave up after the eighth or ninth major outage. VM's "Customer Service" assumes that the customer is clueless, and lies to their customers by telling them that there's "nothing wrong", or "it's your fault - your computer must be faulty", usually refusing to progress faults because "nobody else in your street has complained"!

Back when this network was run by Cable Camden, the uptake in the neighbourhood was 98%. Their service wasn't perfect, but at least they didn't lie to their customers!

Since the various changes of ownership, less than 20% of the households around here remain connected to the abysmal cable "service".

If I could rate them with 0 stars, I would!

Farnell Cpc

Quick delivery at a good price

As usual, CPC provide quick delivery of goods at sensible prices. Also, unlike many of their competitors, they had the goods in stock.

The only minor down-sides are oversized packaging (for small items), and the handling charges for small orders.

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