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argos riped me off

in june 2012 i purchased a metal shed for my parents who paid a proffessional to fit a wooden base and assemble the shed which was all ok,

becouse the shed was put up during the summer months it was fine and no problems untill the wheather change and winter set in,
there was a major condensation problem to the point that the cieling of the shed was dripping wet, all contents had to be removed and stored somewere else as the contents of the shed were sopping wet and even a very expensive vacuum would not work due to water damage the wooden base that had been placed down for the shed was getting mouldy despite a waterproof mambrane placed underneath the raised wooden base.

i contacted argos and asked them to collect the shed for a refund as it was clearly faulty argos advised that i will not get my money back however i could replace the shed or exchange it for another one.

after speaking to my parents they decided they would exchange the shed for another one but they were all out of stock.

i contacted argos back and spoke to the manager and explained the situation, the manager at customer service named kieron was very rude and unhelpfull so i had to speak to another manager steven ralf who told me to get independant advice meaning my parents would have to pay a vat registerd proffessional to come and have a look at the shed to confirm that the problem is a manufacturer fault.

after explaining this to my parents they agreed that to have profesional out to the shed was allot of messing about so they went on to look for another shed to replace the faulty one,
when i called argos back to replace the faulty shed for a different one i was told by rachel another customer service manager that i could not replace, exchange or have a refund untill they had receved an independant report, after arguing with the most horrid unproffessional rude and ignorant rachel of the customer service managers, i went looking for a carpenter to the the independant review on the shed, which was proving impossible to find a local one as i was told over and over again that they dont do that kind of work.

after a very frustrating day i recieved a call from another customer service adviser who had just recieved my letter of complaints she advised me that if i can find someone that would do the independant report of the shed i would recieve a full refund and argos would cover the cost of the independent report, i then explained to her that i had already been looking but no one would do that kind of call out i also explained that i was sick of spending my time on the phone trying to resolve this problem.. i said that i am very dissapointed in argos and i expect to recieve this kind of service from a backstreet rundown shop not argos, they are not only letting there customers down but themselves also.

the adviser then agreed to let my parents choose another shed to replace the faulty one.
so only after speaking to 4 customer service managers over 2 days via phone call 1 letter and allot of arguing my case, i finally get them to exchange the shed. tut tut argos things used to be good value for money and the customer service managers were allot more proffessional than they are now im not surprised there down on sales and losing money what goes around comes around.


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excellent service every time,

delivery timing superb (usually arrives next working day)

communication superb,

cheaper than most other catalogues,

love taking advantage of the buy now pay in 12 months as its interest free if paid up within the 12 month period, gives me a chance to relax and not have to worry about ongoing monthly payments.

overall an excellent catalogue

just wish it was free delivery but still cheaper than other catalogues.

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