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Not in stock, incomplete deliveries = wasted time!

We were with Misco for 4 years. Over that time, we reduced our business with them to minimum due to the same issue - items in stock were not in stock and you will find out about it when you expect delivery. Also, when you pay for the next day delivery, some items may turn up where other ones, a day or two later. This can destroy any business especially, when you make an arrangement with your clients to deliver and install ordered equipment on that particular day. Very amateurish company, which cannot handle a simple task - stock management.

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They are useless and unhelpful!

Bought an amplifier, Blue ray DVD player and 55" LED Samsung separately. Roughly £3k. and previously £1k for JBL speakers Control Now. I couldn't get the amp to work with 5.1 speakers. Called Onkyo support in Germany and after a quick investigation they advised to return it to the place I bought it from. Because my order was placed online, the quickest way to find out what's happening to it was to deliver it to one of the branches. Almost 2h drive from Croydon to Camden during the day with extra CC charges. Arrived, got the amp out and went to the shop. Welcomed by staff nicely. I explained my problem and... I had to wait for exactly 20min as they couldn't get their internet to work to see how to resolve my problem. No knowledge whatsoever. The guy who "tried" to help me, [Louie?] was doing his best to get rid off me. Firstly, he blamed my speakers for being too powerful, 120W against 300W amp wouldn't work according to him. No way. Then, the impedance which amplifier can only handle is 4ohms and my speakers are 6ohms - this won't work. Great discovery! Still trying his best, he offered me another amplifier, which theoretically should work with my speakers. Nice move Louie. £499 is nothing to me. I asked if they have any speakers in stock, which would work with the amp so I can buy them - his answer was NO. OK, which one are good for it? He didn't know. Was he willing to plug it in and see what's wrong with it? No way. According to him, Superfi website has nothing to do with them, even the same company registration number is stuck on the wall on the left and exactly the same on on their website! You buy it online - you return it the same way. Support regarding equipment you bought online - it's your problem. Last thing he said was, he cannot even plug it in to test it - he just started this job a couple of months ago. That's how he should start from the beginning.

I hated every wasted minute of being there with so called "helpful staff". They are enemies to any business. They can consider myself as gone for good as well as my money. I explained to him that my job is to provide AV equipment to quality offices and restaurants - well, this didn't really bothered him. It looks like they're rich enough and can ignore customers. One happy customer brings another one, and an unhappy customer will inform ten.. Just in case someone from Superfi reads this, my invoice number is 27457416 from 05-July-2011. Good luck in selling cables for a few quid.

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