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Glasses Direct

A boring review, nothing to complain about!

For my first ever pair of glasses I was waiting for a good offer. Since they're for distance vision only I don't need them as essentials in my life so I always figured "I'll pick some up at some point.". I saw a great offer from Glasses Direct and this tipped me over the edge to actually go ahead and purchase.

Ordering was straightforward and they had some frames in the offer that I liked. My only reservation is that they were very pessimistic on delivery times, which may put off some people. In practise I had my glasses in a couple of days, despite repeated "within 10 days" (or was it 14?) warnings. Obviously this is great for customers and their expectation is set very pessimistically and then they are pleasantly surprised but I couldn't help thinking maybe they were erring too far on the side of caution.

Anyway, I ordered glasses, thought they'd be with me in a week or two, and they arrived in just a couple of days. They're what I expected, and they work well. As Frank Zappa once sang, "And that's the end of the story!".


I was misled!

I ordered a MacBook Pro from a Groupon offer. I checked out AskDirect as best I could but still felt uncertain about the transaction - it was a lot of money.

My fears were unfounded. The Mac arrived quickly and without fuss.

The one problem was that I didn't get (or lost) a proper receipt for the computer. When I came to register the Mac with Apple for the warranty purposes, they insisted on this document.

I was reluctant to contact AskDirect because I'd read that their customer service was poor. This was completely wrong.

What actually happened was that I used their customer support page to ask for a duplicate receipt, and one was issued within 24 hours. Completely painless- and not what I expected.

I'd buy from these people again in an instant. It was a genuinely nice surprise to get a receipt without fuss.


Great- no problems.

Nothing of note to say. They didn't hand-deliver my item on a silk cushion, but they managed my expectation well, had a good price, and everything went to plan. I'd buy from them again.

I'd give them 5/5 but I need to reserve that to see how they handle stuff going missing in the mail, etc etc.

Really went overboard to help me out

I really needed a part by Friday. On Thursday PlumbTraders managed to find the part at one of their suppliers. The guy I spoke to drove to pick it up right there and then and get it in the post for me right away. Superb service. I'm deducting one star however as they didn't manage my expectation re delivery dates - they didn't send me the progress update email by 2pm the day after the order was made. I mentioned this and the guy I spoke to is investigating how their system let them down.

Would use again on the strength of their performance beyond the call of duty - I doubt I'd see the same problem with an easy-to-find part!

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