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Arbico Computers

Fantastic machine, competitive price, excellent customer service.

Being a cynic myself, let me make this perfectly clear from the outset - I have no affiliation to Arbico Computers nor any of its staff. I have received no incentive or encouragement to post this review either financially or by way of free or discounted goods. I have placed this review purely in the mind that outstanding customer service deserves to be recognised. I hope you find it helpful:

I finally admitted that I can’t upgrade my 16 year old computer any more to keep it running as smoothly as I would like. The time had come to purchase or build a new one. I am not an absolute “techie” but I knew what I wanted and reasoned that I would be able to build my own system cheaper than I could buy one for. After extensive research, “Arbico Computers” kept cropping up on various review websites and on respected magazines’ websites such as PC Pro.

The basis for my machine won a “Best Buy” from PC Pro and so I went onto the Arbico Computers site and used their customisation tool to make the changes that I wanted by upgrading some components and adding extras to suit my requirements. Hesitantly I registered my details with their website to save my configuration and was surprised and relieved that I did not receive any pushy telephone calls or spam emails from them - something that really stood out as recognising that I was still just browsing.

I went away for a few days and priced up how much I could build the same system myself for from the usual cost efficient computer suppliers expecting to save myself a considerable sum but was genuinely stunned that I could not do so. “Perhaps I could buy the base machine from Arbico and add the upgrades and extras myself cheaper” I thought? I priced up how much I could do this for and contacted Arbico again with my options and target price. After a short discussion, they could build precisely the PC that I wanted cheaper than I could either build or upgrade myself. My order was placed and I was due to receive my custom built PC in a week’s time…………

In four business days, my new PC arrived!! I had received updates during those days advising me it had been built, was undergoing stress testing and was being handed over to the courier and when delivery could be expected. It arrived safely and securely packaged and had everything I had requested along with all the relevant documentation and support discs - not just one single recovery disc as too many other companies provide. I had one minor issue in setting it up and so I emailed Arbico my issue. Within 1 hour of sending the email, they had telephoned me and talked me through precisely what needed to be done having my PC up and running within minutes of them calling.

All in all, I am very, very impressed with both the company itself and all the staff that I have had contact with right through from the initial “just browsing” enquiry, through to the sale, product build, customer engagement, delivery and after-sales service. They are clearly a company who employs staff with traditional and honest values - they establish precisely what you want and build it at a price that is extremely competitive, even in this economic climate. As I said, I could not build it myself for what they charged. Would I buy from them again? Most definitely!!

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