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The Office Providers

A Fast and Friendly Service

I have been impressed with the speed and efficiency that The Office Providers have given me. They are very effective and also offer there Office Finding Services free of charge too.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new office to rent in the UK.


IBM Laptops

I only use IBM Laptops, due to the reliability and quality of them. The T Series laptops, such as the T43 offers brilliant value for money and they are made out of a Titanium composite, ensuring they are very durable.

I have never had a single problem with the Hardware, oustanding and I would highly recommend to everyone.


Super fast delivery

I ordered 2 Concert tickets on Friday, and they arrived today "Monday" now thats what I call Fast.

I was very impressed also by the "Signed for" delivery method, this ensures no one pinches them, great service, well done ticket master


Great clothes website

Primark offer a huge range of there products on there website, so much so, I think it may be there entire stock list. This is quite rare, as most retailers of clothers, list only the Sale items or items that need to be cleared from stock.

My Wife loves the shop, I love the shop. Well done Primark, exceptional value for money and a great website to match.


Best Movies by far

The IMDB offer a huge choice of Every published and Directed movie that has ever been made. A great resource for me to browse, and one that offers good reviews.

If you need to learn about a movie, this is the place to go, with great informative data and the website is very quick, so there is no waiting for anyone when browsing to different sections.

Well done the IMDB

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Poker Or-casino

Great prices

I found the prices here, unbeatable for Poker tables, I only need to look at 3 other competitors to realise that they were over 40 pound cheaper.

The delivery was ok, 4 days, via a third party courier, however at least it arrived with no damage. They also gave me 300 free poker chips and a handy book on how to play poker.

A good service with even better customer service.

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Best TV

The BBC always deliver the very best TV Shows, apart from Channel5 who host Big Brother now, this is another classic show.

My favourite show is Spooks of which was back on the TV last night, after too long a gap in my opinion, Well done the BBC keep up the goodwork and please try and get Big Brother for next year.

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My Favourite holiday company

Thomas Cook have always booked my Family holidays for me, offering unrivalled customer service and a committed level of dedication in ensuring I have a Fantastic time.

The Holiday representatives always make me laugh, as they are on helium at times, LOL.

A great holiday provider, of which I would use no one else.
Well done Thomas Cook


My Favourite Modile Company

I have used Vodafone for over 12 years, with no issues that they wouldnt resolve. I did find in February this year, that there billing system was changed, which cost me extra money to bring in line with there new terms and conditions. When I phoned them up, they apologised for the unforeseen Over charge, and rectified immediately.

In addtion when I lost my phone 3 months ago, they ensured I had a replacement the Same day, by visting my local Vodafone store.
I simply cant Fault there service and Top level of service.
Well done.

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Great advice on PPI Claims

I found the MSE very useful for a PPI Claim I have made earlier today, There are lots of resources however non of them seemed to offer Independant advice that was Free, well done and Thank you for making my claim simple.


Great Book Supplier

One of my favourite Online book stores, offering great choice and great value for money. I highly recommend them to everyone.


Janet Devlin To Win

Janet Devlin is my Favourite X Factor contestant this year, I found a really nice resource that holds loads of Janet content. Rock

Play are my favourite PC Game suppliers, with superfast delivery and great customer service. Well done

Football Gamers

Cheap Football Games

I have found Football Gamers offer great Value for money and excellent delivery times, Probably one of my favourite online suppliers.

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01 June 2013

Reply from Football Gamers

Thank you for your kind comments, greatly appreciated. We are currently re designing our website, so you should like the new look.


Iceland For All my Frozen Food

Iceland are my favourite Frozen food supplier. The value for money compared to other stores is second to none, Well done Malcom Walker, your Company Rocks!


Ebay Rocks

Ebay is still my favourite Acution website

Virgin Games

Great New Casino Games

Wow - Virgin have launched a New Online Casino, It Rocks, so easy to use and the graphics are really nice. I used to use another casino, until I saw this one, Brilliant games, and I signed up to win a free IPAD,
Well done Virgin, its nice to see someone is doing somethin innovative for a change, instead of the typical games websites.

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I am an honest Chap, who always looks for the Best in everything I do, from Shopping to how I treat people.