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Cash My Fone

Werll below expectations

Was told my phone had wear and tear so the value given was lowered - this is despite your terms and conditions saying wear and tear is fine. If it was damaged then say that and don't say it had wear and tear. I don't think it was damaged, but accepted the lower value as it's too much hassle to re-do. I think it's a tactic of yours - to say you'll get £x for a phone and then lower it when you receive it.

Simply Electronics Ltd.


Placed and order, cancelled it as I could get it cheaper elsewhere and because they were rubbish at responding to emails. The problem was the refund.... battled with them for a couple of weeks and all they could respond with was “it’s been passed to the right department”. They were totally inept (and that is a compliment), unhelpful and it was clear that they were holding onto my money for some reason.

I only got the money refund processed when I took it up on myself to contact Money Bookers directly who they use to process the payments. If anyone has problems getting money back from them I’d suggest trying the same thing – not Money bookers fault, but they process the transactions for these cowboys. The phone number should be on your credit card statement.

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