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Transglobal Express

To sunny Gran Canaria from cold North East England

So simple to navigate Transglobal's website. On two occasions now the consignments were picked up within an hour and delivered to the doorstep, well within their forecast delivery dates. Superb service what else can I say!? Oh, by far the best value for money too.


Overall a very professional experience. Would certainly fly with them again... subject to availability!

Other reviews read online here highlight most of the positives we experienced. Positives are really actually doing what we expected of them. Most reading here would more like to know about the negatives, I guess.

May 19 to June 23, our flight Newcastle to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and return only uncovered one small negative. Although we had booked extra bags, our overall weight maximum for the hold was exceeded by 1kg, (like a bag of sugar say)... for which we were charged 16.00 Euros. We were not offered the opportunity to swap the 1kg to hand baggage. The Spanish supervisor speaking to the check-in girl... in Spanish... they have an extra bag, is it paid for? Yes. Ah! well then they are 1kg over, charge them!

Under similar conditions Monarch Airlines would have charged 12.00 Euros; should they have been as equally petty. Moral: Make sure total weight is within maximum before arriving at the airport. Bags can be weighed before leaving the resort on weighing machines for the cost of 50cents; pile them high for the total wieght.

Further, our winter holiday from November 19, 2012 to March 18, 2013 could not be booked online with, as there are no flights available to cover this period. Monarch Airlines to the rescue, but from Birmingham with all the attendant costs for getting there at 0500h from Sunderland area. Ho, hum!
Just a note to the wise, pedestrian crossings in certainly Gran Canaria (Spain) are not mandatory for drivers, so don't be surprised if you get horn blowing and abuse for stepping out! Only some are controlled by lights.

Spend a day, at least, in the mountains... more than awesome... emotional even.

Try to meet and talk to the locals in Spanish. They really warm to you if you even try to speak a little Spanish. They help you and invariably laughter follows with them. Even, 'Hola' (Hi) will invoke a friendly response.

Make an attempt to find out about the culture in the area you are visiting, many fiestas are organised and holidays taken to celebrate historic figures and events. Enquire and get involved... it is worth the effort.

The Sun in Gran Canaria is almost uniquely vicious! Use SPF50 until you see the consequences of less on other visitors! Children in buggy's without leg coverings, sun straight into their faces, discomfort through being hot and sweaty in their seats creates an unhappy child. Parents' avidly enjoying the many markets often fail to appreciate that their children are burning up. Not too noticeable until the sun sets and the blisters become visible often with sun stroke. Don't spoil your holiday, thinking it won't happen to you, then losing a couple of days due to severe sunburn\sunstroke. Keep sun from your neck and backs of legs when out and about wearing shorts. The sun never forgets to burn you at every opportunity!

Country Attire Ltd. (

Ideal Service

Quality of goods, wrapped and delivered as expected.

Tayna Batteries

Expected nothing less...

Great communications.
Next Day delivery to Sunderland arrived before 11am.
Exactly replaced original equipment on my MX5 1800 Sport.
Price was cheaper, for same battery, than - sweet!
Recommend Tayna Batteries to anyone without reservation.
Keep up the excellent service.

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