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STO Racing Products

Shocking Customer Service! Fautly items, delayed returns procedures

Purchased a Himoto Racing Nitro Truck which was faulty. Customer Service from [Name removed] was awful. Said I didnt know how to start a nitro. Asked to return the item for "inspection" Had to return the item at my own cost. Raised a case with Paypal who refunded me my full money. However I lost out on p and p. [Name removed] would respond after 3-4 days and prolong the whole refund procedure. Had it not been for paypal these guys would have scammed me off my money. Swore never to deal with these cowboys ever again!

Wife recently purchased an electric RC truck from them and everything was fine apart from the battery pack. Asked for a replacment as it was a birthday gift and needed it asap. Didnt reapond for 4-5 days and then pointed me to terms and conditions. So for an 11 quid battery pack I would have to spend 5 quid to send the faulty one back and then receive the new one if they felt ike it. Had a domestic with the mrs for using these Cowboys again!
Beware - these guys email you in a delayed format so it looks like they have emailed you straight away but the email arrives 2-3 days later. Very clever way of covering yourself and delaying the whole process!

Will never deal with these guys again and make sure I pass on the message to all the RC colleagues. Thanks [Name removed] for a great customer service experience!

Their items are cheaper because they are generally faulty and the returns process is such that the customer will always be at a loss.

There is a reason why this business does not sell on Ebay because they wouldnt stand a chance!

Be careful of STO RACING as their customer service is extremely poor and staff are unhelpful. That is why their products are cheap!

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Bike sure is a trading broker associated to Adrain Flux. I recently had the mis- fortune of dealing with this company. All I can describe them is that they are a bunch of thugs. Basically i tried to insure my trike and having had a quote which was £250 quid more over the telephone. I decided to go with a quote online which was way cheaper. As soon as I was about to pay they immediately found out that I had already had a quote over the phone and were unwilling to honour the online quote even after being given quote online. They operate on very dodgy grounds and seem to think that if you get into a contract with them online then it is acceptable to withdraw that contract at anytime if they find that the premium was too low. However if you had done the same as a customer they would charge you hefty cancellation fees etc. In my view this company operates on dodgy grounds and Adrian Flux which is the parent company are aware of the policies and practices.

In my view I would stay well away from Bike Sure and Adrian Flux who I have had a bad experience with. i have reported this company to the Ombudsman and FSA.

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