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Got a 4* hotel room for 2 in Lagos in December 2009 for £42 inclusive of b&b.


Easy to use.

Easy to lose your money too. Betting is for mugs & people with too much money. Just the occasional flutter for fun is all I ever do. Got to keep the economy going round!!


What you pay for is what you get!

Flown Ryanair to Knock International 4 times in last two years. Great price on tickets even with add ons. Great flights. Friendly attendants who do their best to sell you exorbitant tat on board. A smile & "no thank you" costs nothing - about the only thing on Ryanair that does cost nothing. There you go Michael. Another money spinner for you. Charge £1 for every "no thank you" in-flight!


Great choice. Great service. Great after sales support. Terrific bargains.

My favourite store for electrical & household goods. Rock on.


Can do better

I have a mobile so does my wife. And we have a dongle.

My Nokis first - a C3. It keeps accessing the internet in my pocket which Virgin keeps charging me 50p for each internet connection. Not fair.

My dongle. Is poor. It connects where I holiday in North Cornwall. It claims it has internet access. But will it load websites? No it will not. Why do I bother carrying on? Dunno.


Great choice Great prices

Getting an ASDA near where I live after finally defeating the NIMBYists following a FIFTEEN year battle.

ASDA is my supermarket of choice simply because they are the cheapest and their standards very high.


Superb Value for Money

In mid 2010 I bought a Canon Pixma printer that prints, photocopies & scans. The cost of the Canon cartridges from the Canon company are ridiculously high. Moreinks can source compatible colour & black ink cartridges for a third of the price - in fact nearer a quarter of the price. They perform perfectly and have done since I started using Moreinks in October. I have now made my third order - a bulk buy with even more savings - so that should say it all.

I can recommend Moreinks unreservedly. Cool!

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