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Order not delivered and refund refused.

I placed the order for a pram and got the usual automated response. I then heard nothing... for over a week.

Sent an email and heard nothing. Credit card had been charged.

Left for a further few days, phoned company and they do answer the phone so a few points there. Spoke to an Indian gentleman who said my pram had been delivered. I said it hadn't, he requested I wait a few days.

After waiting for the requested time I phoned again and the same gentleman agreed to refund me, informing me it would take 3 to 7 days.

After 7 days I have still not been refunded and have instructed my credit card company to charge back.

This company is not to be trusted, if you buy use your credit card for extra protection.

This is exactly how online shopping shouldn't be! A woeful experience!

After posting this review and requesting a chargeback, the retailer has now refunded my money! I still don't feel I can give them an extra star as I can't help but think they were up to no good by holding on to my money for so long.

T Mobile


Always have good reception and always had good experiences with customer service. Ported my number easily enough and they didn't give me the hard sell when my contract ended just happily moved me on to a monthly contract.

Highly Recommended

Bought, 2 platinum rings and a set of earrings from these people, always very helpful and always arrived on time.

The last ring I bought they custom designed for me and the wife was well chuffed.

Highly recommended.


Excellent products and excellent CS

Very fast delivery inline with the £8 charged. The trainers I received I liked, but the laces simply wern't long enough. Contacted CS they agreed to despatch me new laces and even gave me a choice of colours.

Highly recommended, how internet shopping should be.

Mr B


Poor Communication and slow delivery

I ordered my item 7 days ago and still have not received it despite the site saying 2-3 days. The website is pretty easy to use and the ordering process itself was straight forward. However, all I have received since is an automated mail saying they will be in touch "as soon as possible". The online order tacking system is very poor, only telling me that my item hasn't been despatched yet.

Looking around the website there are no phone numbers, which make it difficult to get in touch.

[UPDATE] This morning I received an email (after pestering them twice via their online form) informing me my item has been despatched and providing me with a tracking code. The tracking code however doesn't seem to work, at least right now.[/UPDATE]

[UPDATE] The mount turned up this morning as the email said it would, interestingly the tracking number they gave me still didn't work in their tracking system so it really is a bit crap. As it turned up after 7 days I'm going to give them one star more (3 in total) as just their communication is poor. Glad nothing went wrong as I imagine getting hold of them would be tough [/UPDATE]


Just ordered a new washer dryer.

Just ordered a new washer dryer from them, was able to walk in to the store to have a look at it where the CS rep was able to answer my question about the warranty. I then phoned CS to ask about delivery times, my call was answered promptly and I was informed of a 14 day lead time, but told it should be less.

Also informed me that I have a 14 day cooling off period and they will accept it back for pretty much any reason.

Will update this if anything changes.

[UPDATE] Washer dryer arrived within 7 days so better than the 14 they quoted. It's also good how you can call up the night before to find out the time of your delivery meaning you don't have to wait in all day.

I have also gained some experience of their customer service and it is what you'd expect from a massive incumbant like Curry's. They answer the phone fast but it really depends who you get on the other end as to whether it's any good or not. They resolved my issue @ the second attempt!

Anyway, so far so good. [/UPDATE]

Mr B

Tradingpost Appliances


I have never dealt with such an awful incompetent firm. If you get what you want and have no problems you're lucky. The moment you need any sort of customer service from these people the wheels fall off.

The staff are all complete muppets who lie and lie and lie.

I am currently trying to organise a charge back with my credit card company.

Avoid these crooks or pay the price!

[Update] Eventually got my money back after sending them a 'final notice before action letter', but I really can't describe just how much stress this company caused me, my wife thought I was going to have a break down![/UPDATE]

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