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Canopy very poorly designed

Bought one of their scooter canopies for my Sterling Diamond scooter and found the following problems.

1> Unless you use the extension pieces then you have to stress the framework quite badly.
2> If you do use the extension pieces then the canopy top does not fit so you end up with either a non-fitting top or a stressed framework.
3> The canopy rubs on the back wheels as there are no cut outs for them.
4> After fitting the canopy, the scooter can no longer be parked in the shed due to the extra width created.
5> The dark interior creates a claustrophobic atmosphere.
I advise against wasting your money on this canopy. It has the same inherent faults as the universal canopy that I tried previously and the framework is exactly the same.


H20 Steam cleaner - No - Taken to the cleaners - Yes

Bought this item from Argos - everything OK.
Took it home and tried the steamer part on the cooker - worked great but was awkward to handle.
Then tried it on the kitchen lino floor - again no probs except for the handle being flimsy and feeling like it may snap at any moment.
Now tried the carpet cleaner - nope it didnt do what it said on the box. I tried it 3 or 4 times but stains are still there. I bet that if I went through the process of returning it, their engineer would find no fault with it as I have read on other review sites so I think I will just swallow my loss.
Recommend it - NO WAY - it is a waste of the £79.99 that it is priced at.
I have yet to try the duster and window cleaner but as I have mobility problems then I cannot see me managing the windows on the outside.
The 3 stars are because I am feeling generous but if I could then would only give them 2½ stars max


Handy site to show the good companies

I started to use this site to check out how good various internet and non internet companies were treating their clients and it helped me to avoid some of the cowboys out there. Since then, I have been posting my own experiences and hope that others find them useful.


Very speedy service

Ordered replacement batteries for my Sterling Diamond mobility scooter on Saturday lunch time and they were delivered by Tuesday 13:45. Also the cost of the items was slightly lower then I could find on other sites.

The only complaint is that their order confirmation email states that I would receive a telephone call to confirm exact date and time of delivery and this did not happen.

Bar this one niggley fault, I received a speedy service and emails confirming my order.


Fast efficient service

Ordered a 5 port switch from them and they delivered within 2 days of the order being placed and it was one of the best prices I could find. Switch arrived well packed and worked perfectly. If any complaint then it was a tad over packed but better safe then sorry. Will use them again when I have the need.


Great service and fast deliveries

Ordered a hat on the 19th December and it was delivered on the 20th. You cannot ask for better service then that. Have already recommended these to my neighbour who had the same fast service.


Delivery within 48 hours

Ordered 2 gel mouse mats that were in stock at 8pm GMT on Sunday. By Tuesday 11am GMT the driver delivered them. Items were exactly as ordered and arrived well packed and at a price that was reasonable. Will use this company again.

Mr Memory

Fast reliable service

Ordered Friday night and by Tuesday the items had arrived via post. Well packed in a jiffy bag and also bubble wrap. Will use them again and also recommend them to friends.

11 December 2013

Reply from Mr Memory

Good Morning RK,

Great to hear you enjoyed a quick delivery and found the packaging to be secure.
Thank you for recommending us to friends - we really appreciate it.

Laura Collier - General Manager

Sound & Vision

Great service

Went to order a pair of JBL platinum series PC speakers but by the time my order went through, they had been sold. The manager only had a pair of demo speakers left in stock and the original box had been misplaced but he offered them to me and from the time of phoning my order in and delivery was 48 hrs. Quick and efficient service and the delivery person could be tracked on his rounds. Will use this site again and recommend it to any of my friends. The speakers work perfectly and only show a slight touch of colour fade. For a demo pair I cannot complain about the quality of the casings and the sound is as crisp as a brand new pair.



This company has 2 mobile home sites in Luton and has levied a £1.75 admin charge per unit per week as of the 1st Sept 2013. This equates to an income of £11,000 per annum for a task that is performed by existing staff. I do not know how they can justify such a charge. This charge is regardless of usage and in some cases, can double the electricity bill.


Great and speedy service

Ordered 200 DVD's and 100 CD's on Tuesday afternoon and they were delivered Thursday morning in one package with more than adequate packing.
Will use them again for my next order


Cheap Insurance but overcharge when changing anything

Cancelled my insurance as I had sold my car and not got another. The office charged me £50 for cancellation and then a further £35 admin costs so the final refund was just over £25. I suggest that you look elsewhere for insurance


Mobility scooter not fit for use

Bought a Sunrise Medical Sterling Sapphire 2 mobility scooter 6 months ago with the maximum range of 19 miles but as I have to allow for my weight and hills, I guessed at a maximum range of 12 miles. For the first 5 months, everything went fine but then the charging loom developed a fault and I ended up ruining the batteries due to them being completely discharged.
I then bought replacement batteries at a cost of £141 out of my own pocket and then discovered that the scooter was getting very sluggish. After downloading the technical manual and following the procedure lined out in it, I found that either the motor is at fault or the brushes are worn out. I am now awaiting replacement brushes and hope that that will be the end of my troubles but I doubt it. This unit is still unfit for use and has left me almost housebound.

Update - 21st May 2013. Have replaced the brushes and now the scooter is once again usable. I just wonder why companies sell products that do not last as I would rather pay a bit more for reliable equipment

Update 12 July 2013. Was informed that the motor was kaput and they will have to fit a new one which will be on Monday

Update 25 Dec 2013. Looks like the motor has gone again as the scooter is not keeping the correct speed. Engineer cannot call to inspect it until 3rd Jan 2014. What a load of cr*p this scooter is. I have only had it 13 months and have had the following replaced: charging loom - batteries - motor brushes - motor. Because of all these problems, it has so far cost me another £147 in scooter rentals else I would be house bound. Will never get this brand again


MOT ???? more like Missing Test

My son went to STS in Hitchin for his MOT and it failed due to emissions levels being too high so my son under their instructions had a new catalytic convertor fitted. It then went for a retest and failed again for the same fault so my son took it to my local garage to get the emissions sorted. It turned out to be the Lambda sensor which was replaced. It was then tested at my local garage and although it passed on emissions, it failed on rear nearside brake not working, anti roll bar being corroded, drivers seat mountings unsafe and rear wheel arch subframe mounting corroded. My son took it back to STS for a retest and it failed again on emissions (which were OK) but passed on all other things. Shows that STS passes vehicles according to how the tester feels and not by a proper MOT. The car is now been scrapped due to it being so unsafe.


Canopy ordered and delivered as requested

I bought a clear delux mobility scooter canopy and asked them for one to fit a Sunrise Medical Sterling Sapphire 2 scooter. This arrived in a flat pack. Except for one of the mounting brackets being the wrong way round, the unit was in excellent condition. The reason for the bracket being the wrong way round was due to packing so that it did not damage any other part.
After reversing the bracket, I assembled the parts indoors so that I would have a good idea of the finished product. All fitted together perfectly. Although the instruction state that this is a 2 person job, it is possible to do this on your own as I did. The company was very quick in answering emails and phone calls in a polite and friendly manner. I would recommend this company to anyone and will use it again if the need arises.

Essential Aids

Bend over backwards

I bought a Sapphire 2 mobility scooter from them on the 27th September and had to wait until 23rd October until it was delivered. I was given various excuses and after complaining about the wait, I was informed that the excuses were in fact the information that was passed onto them by the manufacturer. They have gone to great lengths to try and make up for the long delay between the order being placed and the actual delivery of the scooter and that is the reason why I am only awarding them 4 stars. Besides the delay, their telephone manner is most pleasing and they do not get ruffled even when I was a tad rude in my comments via email. They do seem to bend over backwards to try and provide a good service so I would be using them again.


Prompt delivery

Ordered 5 heavy duty ferrules as a replacement for the original one which had worn through. Expected the order to arrive on Thursday but instead it arrived Wednesday. Will recommend this company to anyone

Prink Ltd

Fast delivery

Except for someone that is either colour blind or does not read the cartridge box before sending, the service offered by this company is very fast and affordable.
Ordered self choice set of cartridges for my D88 printer. The correct quantity was dispatched and arrived within 24 hrs but one of the cartridges was the wrong colour and that is why I have given this company only 4 stars.
After sending a complaint in via email, they sent out replacement cartridges again within 24 hrs but again the wrong colour. Another email was dispatched and this time the correct cartridges appeared.
Pity about the colour mix up but they did apologise each time and were very quick to try and rectify the problem so I will use them again


Good service given with a smile

Stayed at the Luton hotel. Room was basic and clean. Had the evening meal option and the waitresses were pleased to help on deciding what we had to eat. Breakfast was plentiful and well cooked.
Only problem was that the washbasin plug kept on jamming which I put down to the poor design as it was one of those that you need to swivel in order to empty the basin. Reception had to free it twice. Maybe that could be replaced with one of those that you just need to lift up.
Would recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Luton even for 1 night


Mediocre food and poor packaging

As a lot of folk, I find it difficult to cook so I have to rely on ready meals. I used to buy Iceland chicken dinners, beef dinners and all day breakfast but they have now changed the packaging so that it is impossible just to peel the plastic cover off after heating in a microwave. The only method I have found that works is to slice the cover of each partition in half and then peel each half carefully. This is difficult to do with hot food and especially if your hands do work well. I still use Iceland for some of my shopping but I am afraid that they have lost quite a bit of sales due to this problem. Even after informing them about this problem, all they did was to send some vouchers to compensate me and done nothing to correct this.


Speedy service

Placed order 30/05 and was delivered 04/06. Could not ask for anything more. Items were as advertised and well packed to avoid damage. Will use them again.


Incompleted Order

Ordered a couple of mice and only received 1 although the invoice stated that 2 were shipped. When I telephoned their help desk, I was fobbed off and told to send an email from their website. Not happy at all with their help desk.
Finally after 2 emails, the second mouse arrived. Date of order was 01/06, first mouse arrived 05/06 and was finally completed 11/06.


Too full of themsemves

I had a paypal account and used it to buy a cd. They rejected my payment on a brand new credit card and since then, I was unable to use that card. I got in touch with my bank who informed me that the card had a stop placed against it. The bank then had to issue me with another new card and because I refused to use the paypal account, my problems with my credit card had ceased. Even though I have repeatedly asked for my paypal account to be removed, I keep on getting reminder emails to update it. When will they listen to customers and not be lords of the manor?


Tasty food

Bought Youngs Prime Cod fish Dinner and found that the fish was not overcooked after heating in the microwave. The sauce was tasty and complimented the fish nicely. The film covering came off easily after heating and at £1.50 per meal it is a cheap alternative to making my own


Speedy delivery

Ordered some DVD/CD paper sleeves on the 21/02/2012 late at night and after dispatch on the following day they were delivered on 24/02/2012. The delivery time stated 2 to 3 working days.


Most common but not the best

Although the cigarette papers are the most commonly found, I have found that as you get past the half way mark of the packet, the papers do curl up on the gummed edge and need to be straightened before hand rolling.


Not bad food but...

LiDL's is not bad on some prices but as I live near a number of supermarkets then I am spoiled for choice. In over 70% of the cases, I can find just as good quality and better prices in the other supermarkets. Also the noise of their delivery drivers at 4 in the morning is horrendous and they make no effort to curb it although that is what was promised by the local store manager

Update: After almost 2 years of fighting to ensure that the branch in Marsh Road Luton delivers within their accepted hours (and a notice served by the council), I have had some peace for the last 2 months but am wondering how long it will last before it reverts. So much for their claim that customers are the most important people in their business.


Quick delivery

I have ordered a variety of goods from this company from blank media to a Camcorder and in all cases, my deliveries were within 2 working days. I cannot fault this company for their prices or speed.


Good quality but expensive

All PcWorlds prices seem to be hiked at 200% and you will need to haggle to get a decent price on anything

PC Specialist Ltd

Great company and service

So far, I have ordered 2 towers and a laptop through these people and they have delivered all within the time limits. The goods were exactly as I specified and arrived without damage. I only had one problem with a tower and this was rectified within 2 days and all charges that I incurred were refunded. They also have beaten places like PcWorld for price and quality



The company took my order last month and although delivered half the order, the other half has not been delivered. Also they do not update their customers and seem to reluctantly answer any emails. All phone calls that I have made have gone to an answerphone and not been replied to. It appears that other customers have had the same sort of experience with this company. Finally after waiting almost 2 months, the remainder of the order has been delivered but not until I had to go through the credit card people to complain

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