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Nice bulbs

I ordered 3 Bellavalia from them. Nice packaging and quality bulbs. Satisfied.


International Shipping Cost Is Just Too High!

While other countries' Amazon can ship books and DVDs as economical as possible like small packet, only ships items to your country by EMS which allows you to track and trace, but is very, very expensive way to send.

I was gobsmacked when I found the minimum shipping cost to the UK would be 3,000 yen just for a one CD. Other Amazons can do it, so why not

Royal Mail


What on earth of Royal Mail's handling charge for the customs clearance (8.00 GBP) ? I don't mind paying VAT, but never handling fee for the Royal Mail.

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Jessops Photo

Poor service. Poor image quality

I was so gutted when I received the small photobook I ordered via Jessops. The quality of the images were so poor - it's like they use old printers two decades ago so you can see all dots on the images, and the papers they use for small photobooks feel so cheap - it's like junk mails or circulars you find in your mailbox!

I feel as if I just dumped 7.50 pounds for nothing.


No problem!

Ordered MacPac Tuatara day pack and received the next day.


PADI stands for "Put Another Dollar In"

I wanted to learn scuba diving to get Open Water certification for my holiday, so I chose PADI eLearning to study the theory on my PC before the actual diving in the swimming pool and open water at diving centre, in order to save time and money. So I paid $120.00......

To tell the conclusion first, DO NOT APPLY FOR ELEARNING if you want to save money & time, or don't want to get ripped off by PADI.

I believed myself if I took eLearning, I would get some sort of discount from the total course fee after the completion (Mind you, I'd already paid 120.00 beforehand - who wouldn't expect deduction?), but in fact THERE IS NO DISCOUNT AT ALL. It doesn't really matter if you take eLearning or studying in the classroom with other learners; you'll have to pay the full price one way or the other.

I was gobsmacked so I wrote an email to PADI, and here's the reply.

"Dear ***<snip!>***

Thank you for your email, and we are sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with the PADI eLearning process. The instructors and dive centres that offer PADI courses are not agents of PADI, nor are they employed by PADI and as such PADI receives no monetary benefit from the courses run through these instructors or dive centres. PADI is therefore not a party to the pricing policy of dive centres, and we are unable to intervene in financial disputes. PADI cannot control our member's financial agreements with their customers.

Further to this, as you have stated in your email, the PADI eLearning programme is designed soley to assist you in gaining the knowledge required to continue with your diving education in a timely manner and one which is convenient to yourself. Many students prefer to study at home, or during work breaks, or even whilst commuting by train, and the PADI eLearning programme provides for this method of leanring.

Upon initial registration for the course the terms and conditions clearly state that an additional fee may be payable for the remainder section of the course:
“In addition to the online knowledge development portion of the PADI Open Water Diver course, you'll need to complete inwater training. You can visit your chosen PADI Dive Center or Resort to begin your dives at any point after you complete the first section. When you visit the facility, be sure to bring your eLearning Record with you and remember, the $120 US nonrefundable fee is for the online portion of the course only. You will be required to pay an additional fee to your chosen facility for the inwater portion of your certification. You are also responsible for purchasing or renting any required equipment such as a mask, snorkel and pair of fins, as well as the scuba system. Your PADI Dive Center or Resort may suggest additional equipment along with the required purchase of a Recreational Dive Planner (Table or eRDP version) and a log book.”

We are sorry to hear of your disappointment regarding the pricing structure at the dive centre you have chosen, however as previously stated, the PADI eLearning course is intended to provide convenience to yourself as a consumer, and may not be a suitably priced option for all consumers.

With regards

Training and Quality Management Consultant

PADI International Ltd
The Way the World Learns to Dive®"

Obviously he meant "we don't care and thanks for the cash!", didn't he?

I understand many people choose PADI becasue it is one of the largest organisation worldwide, but I really don't like their business style and attitude towards learners. If you want to learn scuba diving, go for BSAC or CMAS.

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Never trust this company!

First and foremost, they pretend to be an UK online company, but in fact they're based in Hong Kong. The items you'd order would be dispatched from there so MAY NOT BE GUARANTEED IN THE UK OR EUROPE.

My case was, the item I wanted was clearly stated "In Stock. Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days" so I believed it, but that's totally bull! When I ordered, THEY IMMEDIATELY CHARGED FROM MY CREDIT CARD BEFORE THEY ACTUALLY DISPATCHED THE ITEM!!!!

I waited for two weeks but nothing happended or heard from them, and each time I sent an email to ask them what was going on, they only made excuses like "We are currently experiencing higher than expected demand for our services...blah, blah, blah"

Then I came across this website and reading all these reviews made me realise that I should have asked refund as soon as possible, and I did so.

As I am posting this review, I haven't received my refund yet, but I hope I'll get it in the end. So my advice is, NEVER TRUST SIMPLYELECTRONICS.NET.

Buya UK Limited

Trusted "U.K." Online Shop

After the fiasco of, I ordered a Panasonic's DMC-FT1 from, and there was no problems! Quick next delivery.

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