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Expedia constantly changing prices

It takes a while to search and select flights... so it's kind of lame that once you are about to buy, the prices suddenly jump up, sometimes they final prices work out to be even 200% more expensive than the initial quote.
I was thinking what's the point? They are wasting my time and then I realised they are trying to take advantage of the people that have already dreamt of a particular holiday they found on the site, and want it so badly that sometimes they might finally go ahead and book it at the much higher price...Lame marketing practices, I am a bit worried that these guys have bought Tripadvisor... I hope they leave Tripadvisor as it is, independent and reliable and not use it for their own purposes.


Adobe Updates - Again?!

Although I like their softwares and am using it, I am fed up with all those updates... it's like every week they release a new update and I have to install it and restart my pc and then next day, there's a new update.

What's wrong with Adobe Reader? Can't you just make a list and then release all updates at once? It's very frustrating and to be honest I don't even see a difference... so what's happening?


Ryanair is not so cheap after all

I have travelled with Ryanair a few times so far and they always find a way to upset me. There are a million things I don't like about this company and one thing I do... the price. At least until most recently, when I did the math and finally realised it costs me a lot more to travel with them than I initially thought.

Bad points summarised:
- not only there's not enough space but the seats themselves are designed so that you stay awake
- even if you try to sleep the pilot (!) will wake you up and start selling you stuff, I never thought I would hear a pilot say "There's 1 hr left so grab yourself a snack or a fizzy drink or anything really, we desperately need to make more money out of you"
- not only you pay extra to check in luggage but also the weight limit is 15kilos which is much lower than other airlines (BA: 23k), plus they are very strict with it... last time I was asked to pay for the extra 1.5 kilos I was carrying, or to remove it from my luggage so it's exactly 15kilos - gross!
- If you forget to print your boarding pass, an email confirmation won't do it, or your iphone won't do it for them.... you'll end up paying an extra £40. That's how much they charge to print a single page!
- you can hardly ever sit with your company unless (guess!) you pay extra and buy the speedy boarding as you are designated to a seat in advance

This list is endless BUT the most annoying thing that ever happened to me so far, was that they have broken my luggage's handle, you know which one I mean... the one we are using to ... carry our luggage and when I went to the desk to complain and ask for a compensation they told me they wouldn't cover for that handle...They explained that if they had broken the other handle (the one on the side that we hardly ever use) they would cover for it but since it's the one.... they are using to carry the luggage, they wouldn't pay for it! Is this the most absurd excuse you have ever heard or what?

I know for me it is... I told them that since they don't take responsibility for the handle, they shouldn't have used it at all... but it's like talking to a wall and expecting an answer... silly me. I hope I'll make more money and never ever have to fly with Ryanair again.

Thanks for reading my rant! :)

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Trust Pilot – Low Cost Holidays

Me and my boyfriend spent 7 nights in Biarritz staying at Hotel Escale Oceania in the city centre and we booked from Low cost holidays. We both were very happy with the destination, as Biarritz it is an elegant place.

The hotel location was ideal to explore the shops, the fish market and the boutiques (they were a bit expensive but products were posh and sophisticated). In the evening we used to go to the Casino which is very close to the beach and have some fun there.

We will definitely go back there again as we enjoyed the service and the delicious French cuisine at the local restaurants. We also tried some crevettes grises from the fish market, the way the locals have with: with buttered baguette and a glass of white wine. We had a very very nice holiday and I recommend Hotel Escale to everyone.

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