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The Bead Shop

Life is easy with the right tools!

Ordered some diverse tools and 'helping hands' from The Bead Shop recently. First good thing was the range of products, and how helpful they will be (the old arthritis creaks on....) snips and a hole punch for metal - so easy to use; a neat hammer for wirework, clever bead-picker-upper, and an even cleverer gizmo for making wiggles in wire! Obviously selected by The Bead Shop as useful items alongside their comprehensive collection of beads, and the best bit was the prices - terrific value for online sales. I'm going to have so much fun with all my new 'toolbox' items - they were just made for me! :o)

The Light Bulb Company (UK)

a shining example

Fast dispatch? ............... YES
Well packaged?...............YES
Reliable product?............YES
Buy again?........................YES
A shining (and refreshing) example of how it should be done.
I have one small concern about your otherwise easy-to-navigate website; we little old-fashioned people use generic terms for lighting products. A bulb means a light product, regardless of shape. If I want to find a certain type of product/fitting, e.g. pygmy bulb, it is 'not found' because it is a lamp. In this case, I would prioritise the word 'pygmy' 'globe' etc. to assist in finding the product. Make it easy, not esoteric!


The people for Pets!

I bought a Progroom slicker brush for my 2 moulting moggies, hoping to reduce the grey fluff on my furniture and carpets - it's an excellent product, does the job efficiently with little effort, and the bonus - the cats love it!
Another item purchased was the Cat Scratching Wave - a really versatile S-shaped item with soft covering and a scratch pad on one of the curves. My cat has scratched on it, slept on it, hidden under it (for ambush purposes), and on its side it is the perfect moggie retreat from the human world.

Battery Force

power in a flash!

Well, there I was, looking for batteries for quick delivery (oh, just a minute, there's someone at the door) O.K.,where was I? What? Just someone selling new roofs..... oh, yes - looking for batteries, and I came across this website, Battery Force. Good name, as a lot of batteries are disappointing and only have 'kid-on' force, so they last half the time. Not these ones. Anyhoo - I ordered some button batteries, just before Christmas, and they arrived the very next day. That's what I call impressive! I mean, I ordered stuff yonks ago for Christmas, and I'm still waiting. So if you're looking for batteries in a hurry (remember that toy that said, "requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)", for wee Darren's 5th. birthday? If I'd ordered them from Battery Force, there would have been no tears......
Right, I'll need to go - getting my nails done in half-an-hour.
See you soon? Byee.


An attractive partnership

Yo, buddy - howya doin' ? Got some magnets for my hand-painted mirrors and nuggets, from First4 magnets - just what I wanted; slim ones, tiny ones, strong ones, self-adhesive ones - every kind you could want for crafty stuff. Came strongly packed with special instructions and warnings about the effect on electronics and watches - very responsible. They're on my 'favourites' list now! Gotta go now, busy-busy - Byee :o)

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