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Appalling Quality Control and Customer Service.

The good things first:
Very Keenly priced, good choice of components, system was very well packed for delivery. All retail boxes which the main components came in were provided with all CDs, manuals etc included.

Also, as they did not have my first choice of power supply and blu-ray drive, they gave me free upgrades to superior units. Very impressive start.

And now everything else.

They didn't bother to connect all front panel features of the case, they installed the hard drives in a manner as to only encourage overheating and short working life (and justified this with a reason that wouldn't have prevented them from installing them correctly in the first place), and they installed to CPU cooler the wrong way around: It was fighting against the airflow of the case fans. The CPU was hitting 75c when just at less than half-tilt as a result. I asked for a refund of the system cost, minus the cost of parts (i.e. refund for labour costs of the system) and they refused this, offering some free games and a flash drive instead. They cite being a small margin PC builder as a reason for not refunding me for the service which they performed appallingly badly.

I could have sent it back for them to fix it; however the hassle this would entail was not worth it, and with such poor quality control in the first instance I wouldn't have trusted them to fix it anyway.

However, you can make your mind up for yourself, I've put the entire discussion with their customer support here (sadly you need to read from the bottom up):
<external link removed>

Have included a screengrab of the support thread to show I haven't fabricated anything.

Obviously, its my money so I could be biased. Feel free to read what their customer service offers and decide for yourself if you want to take the gamble.

However if you are not able to spot a badly put together computer yourself, I wouldn't take the risk IMHO.

Personally I am never going to buy anything from them ever again.

Scan Computers

Should be called SCAM computers. Poor RMA Testing

Sadly I have to add to the unhappy voices regarding RMA and Scan. I too have had experiences of non-working hardware being tested and returned as having no fault.

Around a year ago I purchased a motherboard from Scan that would not boot after powering on. It gave beep errors that weren't even listed on the manufacturers website. I swapped out everything on the board and even took in out of the case and onto a non-conductive service to ensure the underside was not being shorted out by anything.

After being returned to Scan at my expense I was told the board was fine, and was charged £20 for testing and return postage. On return to me the board still did not work, although displaying a different fault from before. Due to this I gave Scan the benefit of the doubt, assuming I'd done something wrong and then damaged the board once receiving it for a second time.

However, now I'm not too sure. I sent my 6 month old graphics card back because the fan on the cooler had stopped turning, as a result the card was overheating and shutting itself down. I have just received it back from scan, having been told that it is fine. After putting it back in my system the fan was indeed turning, however after 1 reboot it became intermittent. The card shut the display down, and there was a smell like melted solder coming off it. A clear case of overheating. I know my motherboard and powersupply are fine because I was running an older card in it's place whilst it was away being 'tested'. I also tested the power supply with a multimeter.

I can only assume Scan aren't really bothered about testing hardware properly, and are assuming most of the customers are people with no computer hardware experience. I've been building systems for charitable causes and friends in my spare time since my teenage years.

I'm never going to buy from Scan again. My whole family is from Bolton, and for that reason I was quite fond of the company, but my patience has gone. I hope others take note of this warning and other people with similar ex

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