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Excellent. Recommended

I have used their online service for grocery shopping a couple of times and I have been impressed on both occasions. Shopping is simply a matter of registering your details, then picking a delivery slot (NOTE the 'peak rate' slots such as Saturday mornings are more expensive). Fortunately I do shift work so its easier for me to pick an off-peak slot such as a Wednesday morning.

Shopping is fairly simple. You can enter your shopping list and have the website automatically suggest goods, or you can manually browse for specific items. No real issues there. It is understandable that certain goods may not be available, so substitutes are offered in these cases and if you don't want the substitute you hand it back to the delivery driver and the cost refunded. I only had one substitute which was a jar of regular pasta sauce and not the garlic one as it was unavailable at the time. All other goods arrived correctly as per my orders with correct payments. And in both cases my delivery slots were kept to. The drivers are very helpful. They bring your shopping in and ask where you would like it placed. The goods themselves are neatly packed.

I still prefer to do my shopping in the supermarket itself, but for emergencies when I can't go out, the online service fits the bill perfectly.


Poor reliability and shockingly bad customer service

I have been with AOL for several years and when it works, it is very good. But when things do go wrong, be afraid. Be very afraid.

I came home from work and was looking forward to use Skype to chat to my girlfriend, but I got no connection. The internet light on the router was out. Tried rebooting the router, swapping filters/cables etc but to no avail. Phoned up their customer service (if you can call it that) and got fobbed off with numerous excuses, plus it takes forever (as long as 15 minutes on hold) to get through.

Eventually I got through to somebody with poor English as their call centres seem to be based in India. After waiting another 15 minutes for their 'line test' (whatever that is) they instructed me to take apart the phone socket! I refused to do so but luckily the service came back at that point so I hung up and managed to use Skype for the time being.

Lo and behold, it went off again. Went through the torturous process of calling them. This time they said it was router being defective but in fairness they sent me a new router for being a 'loyal customer'. New router arrived. Set it up. STILL no service. You can imagine my frustration at this point. Phoned up OFCOM and threatened AOL with court action.

The next day I got a text from AOL this time blaming BT for faulty exchange equipment and the day after that I got a text from BT saying the fault has been rectified, so probably in fairness to AOL it wasn't really their fault. But this doesn't excuse the amount of stress I have suffered from AOL's shoddy customer service.

Hermes Europe

Hmmm, not bad but not great either.

I placed an order with a well known high-street clothes retailer and was rather worried when I saw they use Hermes after reading the countless bad reviews. I was expecting my parcel to be damaged or not arrive at all. However the delivery did arrive on its scheduled date, albeit rather late in the afternoon. The delivery guy did hammer the door a bit too loudly but was friendly enough and handed my parcel after signing for it. I was relieved after very close scrutiny that it was undamaged (it was a dress for my girlfriend). I would have loved to give this company higher marks but the magnitude of bad reviews and their slightly inept website prevents me from doing so. If you buy something online and the retailer uses this company, I would recommend you proceed with extreme caution.

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