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Protect Line

Very helpful, no pressure and saved me money

The person who dealt with us was very understanding, professional, not at all pushy and managed to save us a significant amount ofm money on our life assurance, would happily reccommend


I like them

I don't use them regularly anymore because I live closer to another supermarket, however used to use them every week and now still use them for the kids' school uniforms.

Great value to the point where if they wreck their unifomr I'm not too bothered because I know I can go and buy more for very little!

Very good

I have used these people numerous times and they've always delivered on time at a very good price.

There was a problem at their depot once but they were straight on the phone apologising and offering new delivry dates etc so can't fault them at all and will continue to use them.


Would recommend

I like this company and buy from them regularly.

They do a good range of good quality products and I normally find the staff instore knowledgeable and willing to give impartial advice on the 'best' products etc.

I have also had to return footware to them (Hi-Tec which had split and broken horribly, not their own brand) months outside of their normal returns policy and they took them back, without a receipt, and gave mea full refund and then a discount on the new boots I bought, can't say fairer than that! thanks!


Love it

Use these all the time and saved loads as a result.

I chose to use them over other similar sites initially because they weren't involved in any of the ridiculous and tacky advertising that has been going on of late. However I am a little disappointed to see that they may too be going down that route now too.....perhaps I'll have to look for another comparison site?!

Nice concept

Its a nice concept but feels a little dated now. I remember using them years ago when they first started and it seemed such a good, novel way of sending cards, but now they just seem a little 'samey' and quite expensive.


One star is more than they deserve....

My wife and I were looking for a Nintendo DSi for our daughter's birthday and found this site. They were offering it at a good price and so we ordered on 29 June 2011.

They said it would be dispatched within 48hrs; it wasn't. Our daughter's birthday was on 10 July and despite numerous emails and phonecalls (more of which later), we decided to cancel the order, which we did on 08 July 2011 and had to go to Argos and buy one in store for significantly more money.

In cancelling, we formally requested a full refund, but despite numerous further emails and phonecalls (definately some more later!) we still do not have a refund, and today is 26 Spetember 2011.

My wife has now contacted her card provider to raise a dispute in order to try and get our money back.

By the way, in relation to the phone calls, don't bother ringing them, it simply a voicemail message telling you to email thats customer service.

I feel ashamed to have used this company now I have seen these other reviews. For anyone else considering using these people, please seriously consider whether its worth it.



Customer service is poor

I've been with BT for quite a number of years and just have the constant niggling feelign that they're conning me.

I feel as though I am paying way too much for broadband etc but can't face calling them because I don;t have half a day to waste on the phone on hold to then be put through to someone I struggle to understand.

I'm just waiting for Sky broadband (the fast one) to make it to my area and I'll be switching


Useful but annoying

I use Google all the time because its so easy to use and gives a good selection of options against the searches I put in, however the sponsored links are getting way over the top now

No matter what search you put it in always the few sponsored links that come up who blatently can't infact help you with what you want....very frustrating



I like Argos, they're conveniant and I can almost always find what I am looking for in one of the three stores near to me when I need it. My only issue is that they are not always the cheapest (although occasionally do have very good deals and beat everyone else's price on certain products)


Good prices, good returns policy

They offer a good range of products at good prices and offer an excellent returns policy. We as a family do nearly all our christmas shopping through Amazon each year and they have never yet let us down.

Thoroughly reccommended



I've only really started using Next over the past couple of years since opening an online account with them

They've been excellent. Very fast delivery of goods and their returns policy is very good too. I also like the flexibility of being able to arrange delivery to my door or go to the store down the road to collect


Money grabbing

Not sue what else I can say.

Yes they 'normally' get you to where you want to be, but I now will not use them again out of principle because of the way they include hidden charges all over the place; I'd rather the pay that to a better quality airline instead I'm afraid


Good value, but can be a bit agro

I like Ebay overall and have got some good value stuff, but I don't enjoy the agro you can get from other users.

I have only ever sold two items through Ebay, on one I was accused by a bidder of bidding myself to jack the price up, which I wasn't, and the other I had difficulties getting paid by someone who kept claiming they had when they had not.

Its good in principle but for me not worth the hassle when selling

Good range

Play offer a good range of products and normally at pretty good prices too. They always deliver very quickly and I have never had a problem with any goods from them despite having used them for numerous years now.

I also like the fact I can buy from their trusted buyers too and get things cheaper second hand if I like



We use Tesco all the time for food and fuel and find them excellent. We collect club card vouchers throughout the year and cash them in each summer to take the kids on days out to theme parks etc

Simply Electronics Ltd.

I will never use them again

I ordered a Nikon L120 and case on 10 July 2011, they said it would be delivered within 2-7 days, it wasn't.

I contacted them to ask what was going on as I needed it for a birthday present and had ordered in good faith expecting delivery within timescales advertised. Email response simply said they couldn't gaurentee when I'd get it....not good enough.

So I cancelled the order before the end of July. I spoke to their customer services who said I'd get a refund within 3-5 days and also got an email confirmation that they'd received my cancellation.

I still haven't received my refund and have had to resort to raising a dispute with my bank to see if they can get me my money back.

I will never use this company again and would warn anyone else from dealing with them too.

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