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Hides charges and won't fully refund taxes

Difficult website to navigate if you don't want to incur lots of unnecessary charges.
When we cancelled a ticket because urgent surgery needed they charged £25 per leg to refund the taxes, leaving ~£3.
Tantamount to theft I call this.


Queues getting worse

It seems that Tesco are trying to force us to use automated tills.
Shan't shop here again until this policy is reversed and more tills are manned.

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Sneaky and underhand and unfair

Difficult to avoid add-ons on their website. If you pay to book a seat they do not guarantee it and try their hardest not to refund you as we found out on both legs of our flight.
Our return flight from Florida was replaced with a local plane with appalling legroom. It took off over 6 hours late, we were lied to about this at check-in and went via Newfoundland. Derisory compensation in the form of a voucher was offered. I certainly won't be using them again.

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