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Website unhelpful, customer service non existent

Saw an item in Exeter branch that I wanted to purchase, but it was damaged so took details and thought I'd research online and order it for collection at another store, entered details exactly as it was written on the shelf edge ticket - the website didn't recognise the item or the code and when I emailed b and q the customer support page was completely scrambled. I finally managed to enter complaint and have been waiting for a reply for weeks - they don't even have the courtesy to contact me. Mind you this is not the first time - took day off work to wait for a delivery that never came - when I phoned to enquire roughly when I could expect the item they said they couldn't tell me so I waited and waited - eventually it was 5 mins before delivery cut off so I phoned customer services again and was told that it wasn't even on the van - I told the person that if they had told me that in the morning when I first phoned I wouldn't have wasted my time - and she said that the previous helpline staff were probably too nervous to tell me the truth!!!!! That's why I called - needless to say I went down to my local store cancelled the oder and bought something elsewhere!! I have finally learnt my lesson and have washed my hands of B and Q!


Terrible website and appalling fruit and veg

I hate it when I accidentally enter the Tesco website via a search engine (because I didn't read the address under the google ad) it locks me in and I have to shut down my internet explorer and re open safari and start my internet search again VERY FRUSTRATING!! I will not use under any circumstances as it freezes my computer, yet I have never had a problem with any other site. Emailed them and they don't even reply - very rude. Our only local supermarket finally opened up as a Tesco the fruit and veg is always poor so have to travel 20 miles to Exeter for Sainsburys but will use as a convenience store if desperate.

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