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very poor customer service and unreliable company

I bought a car which was advertised as "starts and drivers" .

The engine was working but stopped working after a moment.
The car was scratched on whole surface and had a lot of dents . The milage was different than on the listing. (20.000 miles difference ). Also hazard lights and indicators do not work at all.

None of these defects were not mentioned in the description.

I went back to the office and wanted to speak with manager but was told that he did not have time for me because he was busy and would be busy to the end of the day.
The lady who served me (blonde hair, in her late 40's) was nasty, cheeky and had an embarrassingly low level of personal culture. She talked to me with a raised voice, can say that she was shouting at me.

When I told that I'm not satisfied with this car and wanted a refund because this car was not roadworthy I was thrown out the door , where I discovered that the car disappeared.

Finally , I found the car outside the company area.

But this in not the end of this story.

I was trying to start the car for over 15 minutes but was able to drive 2 miles only . At the end had to pay for recovery (for over 400 miles ). Today I read their auction rules and what can I see : that I had right to refuse because of wrong millage, and damage not listed in the auction. Of course can do it before the car will be removed from the site!
Unfortunately, I was not able to do it because the car was removed by motorhog staff when I was waiting 30 minutes for manager.

I am going to complain to the Office of Fair Trading .

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