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Beers of Europe Ltd.

Grate beers and quick delivers

They have a grate selection of beers and cider , my personal preference is German beer and can't waste for the Octoberfest selection, but be quick they do go quickly off the shelves , I have used them now for some time and I will continue to use them.
They also have a grate selection of glasses, all I can say go on give them a try.


That tel lies on what thay do

We regret using currys it cost me £110 to get nothing done that I asked them to do, what they was going to be was do a health check on a lap top and fix a old tower ( only 4 years) and transfer files to the lap top.
Well thay had the tower and laptop for 6 weeks we went on holiday they had my mob number so thay can tex me, we'll no text or calls so when we got home ( 6 weeks) I contacted then using there help line I was told that the shop will contact me, we'll thay did not so went to the shop and that gave me some cock and bull story, took home the PC and the laptop, got home the PC still did not work, he laptop worked when I took it in when I got it home it went to recover mode and a blue screen of death.
Took the laptop back and complained the manager it was fobbed of very quickly and passed on to a shop assistant. After trying to explain what was wrong I left the laptop but did not trust them withe the PC.
Well after 8 weeks we tryed to contact the shop using the help line and as before we ended going to the shop and took the laptop , the thing is after complaining he made a comment see a again my reply never.
Took the PC and laptop to a independent repair and Ann now works. He told us thet had only transferred the links and it was the power supply on the PC cost to fix this time £60 big difference
Not Happy Bob W

Top Team

Yep top place to get all you need delivered on time and a low price. Will be using them more often.

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