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Now I know how cold I am to an absolute degree.

True value in a world where it is rare.


A matress to build a dream on.

A small package with a big promise.

Highland Titles

A dream come true.

The titles are fine but that little piece of land can mean more, it is a foothold in a country that means so much to people for very many different reasons.

Both however give you an identity with what had previously only been an unobtainable dream.

It alows you to believe that you belong to something worthy and is inspiring.


A new and surprisingly pleasant experence with a first class product.

Soya chunks shoul be available everywhere, they are perfect as a food in their own right..

Experimenting in cooking this product engages everyone especially those invited to eat the finished dish.

Direct Car Parts

First class understanding service.

As a first time customer with all the problems of sorting out specifications for consumables for a new car I found it was no problem for DCP and I am very happy with their service, glad they exist.

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