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Ecommerce?? Done!!

Design 365 created our website, they're a fantastic company with a small team of designers and developers (and a few extra people for luck?). Attending meetings, the atmosphere in the office is amazing.

The site design was very quick, and the process of making things live and adjustments was painfree.

I would definitely recommend this company for anyone in the North East looking for a new website or an update to an old one.

Naughty Buzz

Fast, Simple and Efficient

I get embarrassed when ordering this kind of product, but in the bedroom my partner and I love to play. So after using several companies to order online and even visiting several high street shops - only to be embarrassed by postman delivered packages blazing the company logo or leery old blokes behind the counter, embarrassing bags or loads of inappropriate spam emails which pop up at the most inappropriate time.

I was on the verge of giving up, seriously! Getting my partner to order everything to save face. It's okay when a woman orders a vibe, but not when a man orders a vibe to share with his woman!

Anyway, we stumbled across Naughty Buzz when a friend of ours recommended them for a costume. A bee costume for a fancy dress party. Saw they sold clothes and was impressed, then saw what else they sold - dildo's, vibes, condoms, lubricants, testing kits. I was amazed.

Some of their prices are unbeatable, some are over the odds, the trick is to find the right ones. For example we bought the Bully Boy for less than anywhere else, but a Rabbit Vibe cost about three pounds more.

Add in the free shipping and you have a good deal.

Best of all though, they don't market endlessly. I received 2 emails, an order and shipping confirmation. Oh and a package with a free gift in it about 1 week after our first order.

There is a blog which gives info about sex toys in general, and some interesting titbits, but nothing we don't already know, still its a giggle to read, great sense of humour.

27 September 2011

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Hi Curt,

Thanks for the review. You're right, we do find that some men get a little awkward about buying sex toys for women, in fact, a customer recently mentioned that he found it easier to buy ill-fitting lingerie than a sex toy to share with his wife.

I'm glad you like Doofah's blog too, he has a great sense of humour and plays a fantastic customer service role.

We don't believe in marketing emails and especially hate spam as a method of generating sales. There is an option to sign up to our newsletter, but it's an option, our aim is to sell to people who are looking for our products, not push our products on people - as you can imagine, its very important to target the right people with our products and the risks associated with getting that wrong are too great.

I hope you do chose to shop with us again, and that we can continue to offer great prices on everything you want!

All the best and have fun!


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