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As smooth as booking a hotel.

Great way to find self contained accommodation and alternatives to hotels.



I purchased a Borderline brand suitcase from Karabars on August 28 2011. I brought the case on holiday and on the way back whilst walking through the airport one of the wheels fell off it. I reported this to Karabars and asked for a refund because this brand of case is of a very low quality. They refused me a refund and asked me to send them photographic evidence of the damage to the case. I did this and then they replaced the suitcase with the exact same brand/model and told me to keep the damaged case, which I then disposed of.

After one use the replacement suitcase also developed a fault with one of the wheels. This time it was the plastic part which attaches the wheel to the case that fell apart. I reported this to Karabars and they demanded to see photos of the damage to the new suitcase. I sent them the photos and then they demanded to see photos of the first suitcase and the replacement suitcase side by side. I had already disposed of the first suitcase because it was unusable due to the damaged wheel so I was unable to send Karabars the photos of both suitcases side by side. However, I did send them photos of the damage to the new case and asked them to compare these photos to the photos I had already sent them of the first suitcase. Karabars then refused to refund me or replace the case, essentially accusing me of fraud and infringing on my rights as a consumer.

This case has not been resolved and I would steer well clear of buying anything from Karabars. They clearly have no regard for consumer rights and they have essentially accused me of fraud because I was unable to meet their ridiculous demands.

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Virgin Atlantic

Would never fly with Virgin again.

Myself and a friend flew with virgin for the first time on 03/09/11. The flight was to Las Vegas. I was extremely disappointed with the whole experience. The following are a list of reasons why:

1. When I purchased our flights online I was given the option of choosing our seats. I did this straight away so we could have the seats we wanted. When we went to check in at the desk at the airport we were told that there was no record of our seat selection on the computer. The girl at the desk said that we would not even be able to sit together on the flight. This was very upsetting seeing as myself and my friend purposely chose virgin atlantic over all other airlines because we believed we would be getting a great flying experience. I have a virgin mobile, broadband and tv and the quality of those services is excellent so I assumed that flying with virgin would be the same. I was wrong.

After about 15 minutes of begging and pleading with the girl at the desk she somehow 'found' us two seats together at the very back of the plane but the stress of that 15 minutes is not what anyone needs before embarking on a long haul flight.

2. Once on board the plane I found my in-flight entertainment screen wasn't working. After over 1 hour of fumbling around with it, the crew brought me a portable dvd player with a very poor selection of dvd's to choose from. I chose one and began to watch it. I had to put the dvd player on my pull down table and it was very sore on my neck due to the awkward angle I had to put my head at to watch the dvd player. After about 20 minutes the battery in the dvd player went dead. The crew brought me another one which also died after about 30 mins. My neck was so sore at that stage that I didn't bother asking for another one. Instead I looked forward to having something to eat, which was also very, very disappointing.

3. The food served on board was absolutely terrible. If I had known beforehand what it would be like I would have brought my own sandwiches.

4. I drink a lot of water on planes to stay hydrated but I only like sparkling water. When I requested some from the bar I was told that they had none. I find that quite unacceptable especially from Virgin and especially on a long haul flight.

5. About half way through the flight I decided to have drink. I asked if I could have a beer but I was told there was none left! I was told that the only alcohol left was vodka and wine. I also find that quite unacceptable. I don't drink either of those. So much for the virgin complimentary bar!

6. The seats were beyond uncomfortable. No leg room whatsoever. I spent at least half of the flight standing at different areas in the plane because it was just too uncomfortable to sit down for any long periods. I find that quite unacceptable that I had to do that. I am 5ft 8in tall and only weigh 12 stone so it's not as if I am too big for the seats.

7. The staff on broad simply didn't give a damn. The level of customer service from them was disgraceful. All in all this was a horrendous first experience flying with virgin atlantic.

8. Our flight back from the US was from San Francisco. Yet again the staff on board were very ignorant, almost tutting at people when they asked for an extra drink or a glass of water. I don't know where these people were trained, or if they were trained, but they had no idea how to deal with people.

9. On the flight back from San Francisco we were sitting behind the first class passengers in the upper deck. The flight attendant looking after the first class passengers were very over weight. She walked by us about 50 times throughout that flight to attend to the passengers in first class. I cannot describe how irritating this was. Myself and my friend just wanted to relax and get some rest but having that attendant bounding up and down and up and down constantly throughout the flight made this absolutely impossible. It was beyond a joke at that stage. Yet again, another horrendous, torturous and uncomfortable flight with virgin atlantic. I simply do not know how they score so highly in reviews.

The only positive comment I have about virgin atlantic is about their American staff. When we landed in Las Vegas my bag went missing and the staff were so unbelievably nice and helpful in retrieving it for me. The staff at the check in at San Francisco airport on our way home were also very polite and courteous. However, this ended as soon as we boarded the plane to deal with the ignorant staff virgin had on board.

I contacted virgin about this on two separate occasions and I have never received as much as an acknowledgement, let alone a reply.

Lesson learnt. Never again.

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