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Sarah Raven

Very Poor Customer Service

Order placed 3rd December. Only 2 out of 3 items arrived. No explanation as to missing item. Chased this up and was told it would be in stock on 20th December. Chased again on 23rd December, only to be told item will not be dispatched until January.
Every other company I've dealt with has made huge efforts to dispatch in time for Christmas delivery. This is the very worst customer service in a very long time.
If at all possible chose another company to order from if you wish delivery in less then 5 weeks.

New building new customer service

I've been a customer of Abbey garden for over 30 years, the staff knew their regular customers and looked after them. Sadly this is not the case, small repairs are now "uneconomic" and to my great regret I was persuaded to buy a new strimmer of the unknown Einhell brand. Within minutes of use the line disappeared inside the machine, I returned to Abbey where a helpful assistant redid the spool- a tedious and fiddly task. I returned home only for the same thing to happen again within minutes of use. I have emailed both Abbey and the manufacturers- with no response or interest whatsoever.
I have to say I find the "sheds" such as B&Q more customer aware and will not be returning to Abbey.

14 May 2013

Reply from Abbeygardensales

Hi Lisa,

I am very sorry to here that your not happy with the product you purchased. I do remember the sale, and remember your old trimmer that you had before. This machine was not recommend to you but just offered as a replacement for your old machine. You had the options of better trimmers at a higher price, but you chose this machine. Please feel free to bring the trimmer back to our store and we will get Mr John Senior to show you how to re-wind the cord with a stronger line.


Abbey Garden Machinery


Nice designs but....

Not cheap but I like their designs and have found the online ordering prompt.
However I think their downfall lies in the after care. I've recently emailed Moshulu to report that a little worn shoe is coming unstuck between the upper and the sole. I thought maybe they would suggest popping in to one of their shops or maybe returning the shoe direct to them. Rather disappointing then when all the help offered was to buy some adhesive! Grumbling to DIL about this response, she had had the same problem with some Moshulu sandals.
So, if you like the style and don't mind DIY repairs then buy Moshulu, otherwise look elsewhere


On the Slide

In recent months Morrisons appears to have a problem in keeping the store well stocked. Basic items, for example cooking apples, red cabbage, plain flour, cat food and cat litter have all been missing from the shelves.
Prices of fresh fruit and vegetables have risen sharply- making many items more expensive than other supermarkets.
Morrisons own label products are of a sub standard quality and their customer care is painfully slow.
I hope that Tavistock will soon have an alternative major supermarket- as Morrisons currently appears to be driving away customers and maybe some competition will give the needed stimulus for them to buck up their service.



I don't find Tesco an enjoyable shopping experience- large hangar like store with a muddled layout. Rather puzzled to learn that world foods does not include anything Italian, French or German. The "world" according to Tesco =Asia.
I find the quality of the fresh produce not very good- fruit often rock hard or gently rotting. Morrisons has much better fruit & vege at more reasonable prices.
The assistants don't seem as well trained as when Tesco first started expanding, often continuing a conversation with a colleague whilst scanning.
I no longer do my big shop at Tesco, just a quick pop in and out asap if I have to.

UK Mail


Paid for next day delivery which didn't happen. Phoned at 6pm and told that deliveries were still being made. So stayed in 12 hours plus awaiting non delivery. Rang next day expecting an apology and a guarantee that parcel would come am as priority. No apology and was told that "we gaurantee nothing". Really helpful I don't think. Also was told that they cannot contact the driver, nor are they able to say if he/she is anywhere near my area.
Shambolic company, will check in future if shopping online and will avoid.

Wool Overs Ltd

Economical with the truth!

I recently posted 2 reviews on Woolovers site. The complimentary one has been added to the web, the one describing a jumper as itchy and rather a grubby colour has not. Just be aware of this when basing your decision to buy on the website reviews. All may not be as it seems.
Incidentally I have advised a friend not to order from Woolovers if she needs anything quickly. Woolovers blame Royal Mail for the slowness of delivery but all other online purchases coming by Royal Mail are really quick.

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