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Protect your bubble

Worst experience I've ever had by far, NEVER AGAIN!

In December last year I bought a new phone on contract with Tesco. I'd only ever had PAYG mobiles before so thought it be wise to insure it. I found Protect Your Bubble on Google and the phone insurance sounded impressive for just £4 per month. I couldn't have been so wrong but I didn't know that until I tried to claim. First of all I would say make sure you read the small print because I didn't clearly enough and I feel disappointed and ripped off. If you claim it has a £75 excess and you have to pay the remaining premiums for the year. I was without a phone for nearly 5 weeks when they told me that I had failed to register my phone on a website within 48 hours yet they could have told me this the day I claimed. If I had known about this website when I first took out the policy then I would have registered straight away. They then told for me to report it to the Police which is fine but West Mercia Police said they don't accept any lost phone reports & this was the reason they gave for not paying out even though I could prove I'd rang them. At no point would Protect Your Bubble speak to Tesco for me. I had to ask for info from Tesco Mobile in pdf format which they couldn't do. They sent me a letter but this wasn't good enough. To put me even more out of pocket the claim never worked on their website so I had to ring several times on their premium rate phone line. When they finally replied to emails they said they would contact me but they never did until the final day after I put the phone down on them because I was so annoyed. Who ever takes out this insurance should be aware of these difficulties I've had and for £75 excess & the rest of the years premium you could get a replacement if your lucky and that's if you don't want to buy the same phone from asda for £75, what was the point I ask you? And to think I was going to move all my insurance to them, I'm very glad I didn't do that after. Never Again!

20 December 2012

Reply from Protect your bubble

Dear Dan,

We were sorry to hear that your recent claim did not live up to expectations.
We're sorry you did not feel we were clear enough about the excess or that monthly payers need to pay the remaining premium when making a claim. We try to make it as clear as possibly by outlining this information in the terms and conditions, which we ask all customers to read before purchasing. This information is also available in the FAQs which can be found on the website.

If you wish to contact me with further concerns I would be happy to try to address them. My email is aisha.raza@protectyourbubble.com

Kind Regards
Protect your bubble


Great Price but Contact Could Be Better

I did get what I wanted at the right price but unfortunately I experienced a few problems also. I received part of my order and they forgot to include the UK plug adapters. Not too bothered about it as they did send them to me just under a month later. I wasn't that bothered about waiting for the remaining part of my order either but it wasn't clear to me that I would have to wait and the only time I was kept informed was when I emailed them. On the positive side I was eventually happy with my order and I was happy with the customer services response every time I contacted them. On the negative side I would have preferred not to have had to contact them. Not sure if I would use again or not? Maybe, but only if the deal was worth it and depending on recent reviews?

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24 October 2011

Reply from Pixmania

Hi Dan

I have just read your review and I apologise for the trouble you have had with your order. You are always welcome to contact me directly should you need further assistance with your order.
My email address is nina@pixmania.com

Best regards,
Pixmania Mediator


Tiscali v TalkTalk

I was with Tiscali 10 years then TalkTalk took over. They incorrectly charged me every month for 10 months until I eventually said enough is enough. I had to ring every month but every time a customer service rep promised me something it never happened. I was on an anytime phone service and got charged for the calls. My internet service kept dropping out. They offered free months but I never got them then they put the prices up so I was not only paying when I shouldn't have been I was paying higher prices than I agreed in the first place. Topping it all off, one rep offered me more free months then put me on another tied in contract which they are still trying to charge me for cancelling! Hopefully they will give up asking because I've kept proof and will be prepared if needed to take it to court.


Fast & Reliable Security Dog Handlers

Securimoore Security Services Ltd gets all five stars from me. They acted very fast when I needed them and supplied qualified security staff and dogs. They provided an extremely professional service and I would certainly use again. I will definitely use their security call out services because they were so fast and reliable.


Brabantia Bin Liners Cheapest on the net

I found Philip Morris on eBay selling Brabantia Bin Liners and they are the cheapest on there. I then searched Google for Philip Morris and found their website www.philipmorrisdirect.co.uk/ and their Brabantia Bin Liners were even cheaper! I wanted quite a few so I placed my order and the parcel was delivered next day via courier. An extremely happy Philip Morris customer thank you.

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