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Goggles4u UK

Faulty glasses the experience ended up costing me more than my local specsavers and cost me time

I ordered two pairs of glasses; sunglasses and prescription distance glasses. It wasn't until some time after my order I got anxious as I hadn't received a shipping notice when I contact their customer service team (which was very accessible) they said standard shipping is between 12-14 days!!!!! I was shocked and upset but I thought if they arrived in good condition I would be happy to have made the commitment to buy as time = money. When my glasses arrived my sunglasses were perfect! My prescription lenses however were faulty! I contacted the customer services team who suggested I allow them to replace the pair of glasses. I was worried about the time it takes to manufacture them and agreed to a £7.50 postage cost to get them here within 10 days. The glasses I had chosen before were not avaliable and I had to rush into choosing another pair instead. The glasses still weren't correct so I visited my local specsavers to help. They explained the first pair were so off center I would have to have pupils off center and at different heights to see through them, and the new pair were ok but due to the type of lense the PD needed to be exact! My pd is 55 the site recommended 63, even with the fames being smaller - as a result I have to pay for new lenses for the first pair of glasses so that I can see in the house (at the moment I have to wear sunglasses everywhere). Its cost me 6 weeks and £69.50 + my NHS voucher. If I had gone to specsavers I would have two perfect pairs of glasses for £69 as I had expected and they would have been in my hands and fully fitted and adjusted within 1 week! They say you have to learn these lessons in life but I wish I hadn't! I was refused a refund for the glasses that were faulty and I was charged for postage to replace the faulty glasses - under UK law i shouldn't be left out of pocket for the fault.

Edit - update - I just got back from collecting my glasses with new lenses from the local specsavers whilst i was there he tested my sunglasses, and concluded the same issue whilst not as badly misaligned and a tint may help to cover the issue the glasses are still off center so are not to british manufacturing quality he suggested returning them - however my problem is now that I face incurring costs to replace them. I would have to pay for the lenses at a cost of £37.50 and the cost of the tint. I'm very disappointed with my last conversation with your customer services who said I should come up with my own solution to rectify the fact I am out of pocket. When I suggested a refund of the transport costs I was refused. Now I am very upset as both original pairs of glasses were faulty and the replacement pair of glasses whilst to the prescription are not the pair I meticulously picked out to fit, as it turns out despite adjustment they keep slipping the first pair fit comfortably. I can't begin to explain my disappointment as I thought that this would fill the need for my petite glasses measurements without the hefty cost of the high street - yet I will end up paying more than double!

12 March 2014

Reply from Goggles4u UK


We highly regret that one of the pairs did not work for you from the original order. Usually the orders are shipped from outside UK, that is the reason it takes a little time in transit. Once they reach our location in UK, we then ship to individual customers. However, since you were concerned about the transit time and faced inconvenience too, we offered you Express Shipping on the half amount when compared to the original. As for the replacement pair, there is a possibility that your eyes did not adjust to 63 PD this time, where you originally had 55 and the one provided in the order was 63. The new pair was produced as per the values in the order. Let us know how would you like to resolve the issue. We can exchange the pair as well with the correct PD.

Please contact us on 24/7 live chat support and give the reference of your original order. We will assist you accordingly.

- Goggles4u


love this site

not only can I get to everything I need from here but I can see new events from all types of categories and some are funny some are real news - ty yahoo for keeping me up to date!


Hate BT many would agree

Abslute Rubbish company staff ahvent a clue they all speak another language and I cannot get a resolution on a problem for 2 years! I've had a £50 credit applied to the account as they messed up and couldn't connect a simple domestic telephone line for 2 months! all i did was move a few streets along and this then messed up the broadband suppliers and the notification of mail ect. Now we have to change telephone numbers because they left us on an old computer system - no wonder they thought we had no account!


House hunting made easier

I use this website almost daily when looking for a new home. I would make of criticism I would love to search by drawing an area on the map or refining area's I would like to avoid (known hotspots for crime, or area's I know to be undesirable).

Glasses Direct

Had brilliant glasses exceptional prices

I was told about this website when I was still paying for my glasses on prescription at d&A I was surprised when in cyprus my glasses were so common and easy to make they knocked out a nice pair complete with test for a mere £35! Well this site means I can get those prices all the time and enjoy sunglasses for next to nothing!

Just Eat

Want to order anything from locally?

Indian, chinese, american, mexican or even pizza? One stop shop excellent customer service just need to decide what you fancy!

28 September 2011

Reply from

Hello Ms Purchase,
I'm please to read that you like our site and that you had an excellent customer service experience.

At Just Eat we strive to do the best we can for our customers and we value all feedback.

I would like to thank you for your review and for your custom we look forward to your next visit.

Kind regards,

David Farrer
Senor Social Media consultant


found the website not as detailed as I would like

Just that I didn't find this website very easy to navigate or enough details on the products to make it easy to purchase items such as the extractor fan's don't all have sizes, the washing machines didn't have enough function information on them. I visited a store they are much more friendly and helpful with loads of information!


Better style than argos!

If you want better style and more idea's choose this catalog I was completely converted and I hate shoe's but when I saw this magazine has everything I need clothes shoes kitchen wear ect and it's better balanced to the more domestic goddess style than argos which come across as cheaper alternatives.


Nice customer service - NOT!

this company lied told me they changed the settings on my phone to fix it ! They didn't they sold me a refurbished phone which took 6 months to figure out with my network supplier months of new chips new settings deleting all the personalization of this phone every month - now I ahve a faulty phone that is not fit for use and they won't take it back!

Brilliant concept

Not only do I get to make the card myself but I also get reminded when I need to make another - never miss a birthday!


good website good service

I would recommend this website and company to anyone - if your on a budget or need an essential fast they have what you need at a reasonable price - you can even check reviews of each product before you commit to buying it - these can be really helpful as some products are harder to assemble or have faults quickly identified by other people - it can save you time trying a new product when others have had to get a refund.


nice service shame about the website

I found tesco service and products to be good quality however the website confused me as you have to scroll past the adverts to see the items listed and I find it difficult to find what i want. Take a leaf from argos their website is much better user friendly.


Ebay - buyers and sellers beware!

I have tried ebay many times and not only have I been sold a bad item and then not given a full refund including the cost of delivering the faulty item back to the seller (leaving me illegally out of pocket). But now I find it difficult to sell on ebay - pre listing it says 1.50 p&p but after sales quotes only one price for a parcel £4.41 more than the maximum allowed for most categories allowing only £4 for p&p. The system is not user friendly and it's made me out of pocket trying to sell some 99p items! Ebay have not become better but worse!

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Excellent service

We bought from UKpetsupplies because they ranked the cheapest for the items I was looking for. The parcel was delivered in good time and the product was exactly what I needed and ordered with excellent packaging there was no risk that the item would be broken. My only critism would be that I had no exact time for delivery so I did not know which day it would arrive and at what time - but I do not know of any alternative supplier that would do this.

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