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Customer Service Training Needed - If the company is going to succeed

We have recently used this company and I can say without a shadow of doubt, the customer service we received was the worst we have experienced. They caused upheaval and the entire order was an ordeal that we certainly don't ever want a repeat of.

To cut a VERY long story short. We ordered pipe from this company and every single piece of pipe was damaged bar one. After we contacted the company we were told that we had to pay for the return of the items which we were promised would be refunded in full. To date we are still waiting for a refund. After speaking to the sales representative 'John' several times in regards to refunding the postage payment we were eventually told that their accounts department can be somewhat fussy and if they do refund the payment then treat it as bonus but certainly do not expect it. (unbelieveable).

The icing on the cake was when 'John' said to me "I just work here, I do not own the company" after I asked him if this was exceptable service. (One of the golden rules in any customer service situation is to accept responsibility and not defect it. As this makes situations twice as bad ESPECIALLY as 'John' was an employee and representative of the company)

In the end I ordered the pipe from another company who sent it to me undamaged and we now have a fantastic multifuel burner installed and working fine.

I urge people reading this to think twice before using this company. They do not accept responsibility for the company that they use and they certainly will not refund you the payment for returning the items if damaged. The entire experience was the worst I have ever encountered and I deal with businesses on a daily basis.

Yes they are the cheapest for 6" pipe on the market. However, my advice would be look around and pay the little bit more for peace of mind and a better service.

To add - I live in a rural area where many of us are puting in our own stove systems to date this company has lost out on four complete stove orders after I told people around me about the service I received.

Whatever you choose good luck with your installation and I hope that you have a better time with your orders than we did.


Tiny Tots Direct

Did not disappoint us

This was our first order with this company and they did not disappoint, the whole process was easy and the icing on the cake was when we received a text message to give the exact time the courier was coming.

This is second to none service and other companies need to take a leaf out of this book in order to get the sales, will use again.

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