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Pet Supermarket

Good Value

Some of the best prices on the web for Pet items. Delivery is a bit slow but you can't really complain as it's free. I would recommend them,


Money for Nothing!!

Been using Quidco for 5 years now and I've earned £580 so far. Only had a few problems with companies not paying. Usually it's been down to a complicated order and so I've not bothered chasing it. Only had 2 occasions where I felt I needed to raise a claim. and it was sorted quickly and paid. If you're going to buy the product from the seller anyway then it really is easy cash. Insurance products often have good cash back.


Poor Customer Service

Ordered 3 kids wristbands in 3 different designs that my kids specifically choose. When I received the order one of the wristbands was of a different design (cars) to the one I ordered (giraffe). No problem, mistakes happen. I contacted Kiddymania and was told that they would send a new one out. However by the time I received the replacement band (5 days later) it was too late for the event that I needed them for, so I had already used the cars band. The invoice said that I needed to return this band but didn't state that they would refund postage or include a prepaid return envelope. Contacted them again to ask for this and was told that as I had used the band not to bother returning it. However when I checked my credit card statement a week later I realised that they had charged me for the replacement band! I emailed Kiddymania to query this but received no response. So I had to take it up with my credit card company. Only then did the seller send a curt email to say that they would refund this amount, no apology. Not impressed at all!!

Update 8/9/12:
In response to Kiddymania's reply "The customer then said that she had used the item and would not be returning it, therefore she was not refunded for the second item. After some very rude emails I refunded the item out of goodwill." Here is a copy of the "rude" email I sent clearly stating that I was happy to return the item!:

"I've received the giraffe wristband thank you. You've written on the order form that you would like the cars wristband returned which I'm more than happy to do, however you haven't enclosed a prepaid returns envelope or alternatively specified that you'll refund my returns postage. If you send me a returns envelope or credit me with the postage amount then I'll happily return the item. Please note that the cars wristband has been used as it was needed at the start of last week and your replacement didn't arrive in time."

Reply from Kiddymania:
"I didn't realise you had used it so please don't worry about returning it."

I naturally assumed that this meant that you wouldn't charge me for the replacement! So was astounded when you did. As I say not impressed and particularly with your distortion of the facts.

Update 16/9/12:
Goodness me there's suddenly a lot of "positive" reviews of this company gone on TrustPilot! All on the same date and from people who have only one review on TrustPilot! I'll leave the reader to decide if they are genuine or not!! For me the sign of a good company is how they rectify any mistakes and in this case it was poorly.

19 September 2012

Reply from Kiddymania & Dollymania

This order was processed on the same day that it was ordered and sent by first class mail - received the next day. I offered to exchange the incorrect item immediately and resent the incorrect one without waiting for the incorrect item to be returned to me in good faith.The customer then said that she had used the item and would not be returning it, therefore she was not refunded for the second item. After some very rude emails I refunded the item out of goodwill.
We are a small family business where our reputation is of the utmost importance and pride ourselves on our customer service. Out of the many thousands of happy customers this is the first time I have ever had a problem like this.

In response to the ladies last update questioning truspilots reviews, i decided to register with trustpilot and give every person that places an order on my website the opportunity to write a review on my service. An automatic review opportunity now goes to every customer.

Therefore, hopefully in the future you will find far more reviews on trustpilot.

You can only write a review on trustpiolt if you can prove you are genuine and have placed an order with the company and they have stringent rules in respect of this.

I too will let you judge my company after reading all of the positive reviews. We are all human and we do sometimes make mistakes but I think you can see the general tone of the reviews are very good and that is what I strive to achieve.

As I said before my business is my pride and joy and it's a shame for people to see just one persons view when I have many thousands of very satisfied and happy customers.

The Outdoor Shop Ltd

Great product at the cheapest price on the web!

Quick delivery and the cheapest I could find a quality product. What more can you ask?!


Great Service

Best price I could find. Great delivery service via DPD and I was emailed the 1 hour time slot when it would be delivered. Would definitely use this company again.

Would Use Again

Pleased with standard delivery, it took 6 days to be delivered but that was over the New Year period so actually only took 3 working days.
Products are of good quality, at a competitive price and they have a good range.
Took one star off as I thought the packaging was a bit over the top (huge box) and a couple of the items had got folded over in the box and therefore had fold lines on them.
I would recommended this company.


Returns cost is refunded - quite different from saying it's FREE!

Ordered 2 pairs of trainers and 5 pairs of wellies from this site. The wellies arrived the next day and the trainers the day after. Decided to keep only one pair of trainers and return the rest as didn't fit well. Looked on their returns centre and here the downside to using this site becomes apparent:
1. You have to print all returns labels yourself. Nice money saver for them.
2. Their website states "It takes about 3-5 business days for return packages to arrive. You will receive a refund 7-14 business days after we receive your return." So that means it could be nearly 1 MONTH before your items are refunded!!
3. Whilst the trainers got a free returns label, for all the wellies the site told me to pay for the returns myself and it would be refunded. That wasn't clear on ordering at all and means I'll have to fork out about £35 in returns postage costs which hopefully will eventually be refunded.
For these reasons I wouldn't order from this site again. The nature of the product means that you are likely to be returning quite a bit of the order and it's too much hassle.

Update: The returns and postage were actually processed and refunded quite quickly so I've increased my rating to 3 stars. I still wouldn't use again though.

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