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way way too expensive

it baffles me why people shop here apart from maybe an impulse buy. Game is way way too expensive.


great service great price

this company are simply brilliant great speeds great customer service great price. They also have a brilliant community going on. It may be owned by 02 but dont let that put you off. would recommend this all day long


decent service at decent price

i strongly belive that the service you get out of this company generaly depends on the delivery company. As it happend the home delivery network (used by very) near me is excellent although i know in some parts of the country it is not so good. The prices are ok, not the cheapest but if you want to pay on credit and you pay off quickly via the take 3 option it can be a godsend. Have dealt with customer service on 2 occassions and both times they have been polite and dealt with my problems. The only complaint is that they tend to ring (or the littlewoods group)all too often so make sure you opt out when signing up


bad service awful packages

i was briefly with this awfull company they triple charged me (took ages to get money back) gave me the slowest broadband i have evr experianced came up with nothing but excuses and at one point told me the slow speed was my fault. the problem is i AM tech savvy. They then made it as hard as possible to leave them. Moved to bethere unlimited (not advertising) and my speed when up 12x for less money with true unlimited downloads


not the place it once was

cokezone now offers nothing of value. it has prize draws and money off coupons. the thing is most of what is on offer can be found free elsewhere on the net. They removed high value goods with the promise of more mid range rewards (600pts)more often and an unlimited supply. they actually supply far less rewards than ever and they are more limited than ever. there is a growing dissatisfaction with this promotion but if you try to talk to them about it they will ignore you or at times even insult you. My opinion is that they are trying to run the sceme down.

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