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Complete lack of customer service

You can cancel on the day you order. You can't cancel the day after, when they fail to collect. Absolute rubbish company.

Customer service just out and out lie to you. "Live" help took almost 20 minutes to connect, then the oh so unhelpful Alice treats you like dirt and lies.

I won't be using them ever again.


Cheap and cheerful

Ordered a few times now and everything has turned up. The prices are great and the rpoducts work.

Postage does take a while from China, but so long as you are aware of thid when you order its fine.

I'll happily use them again.


Awful company, awful products, awful customer service

These people sell on Ebay, the web site has yet to go 'live'

Please don't bother with them, I'm having a nigtmare.

The product I purchased was faulty and they freely admit that 1% of the stuff they sell is. They wanted me to return it repacked with 'return to sender' written on the envelope, which Royal Mail didn't seem to happy about.

They ignore any consumer law that they don't like and are rude and unhelpful.

There are plenty of other places selling the same products, save yourself the hassle and use an alternative.

Awful company - Zero customer service

I placed an order in December for a batch of items, all kitchenware for over £100.

I got no confirmation emails as promised.

I emailed them, no reply.

I phoned over several weeks to be told my items had just been posted, however they had replaced my sandwich toaster with a pastry brush, because they had no sandwich toasters. Really? Or is it just because the pastry brush is cheaper to buy? The other websites these people own still showed stock.

The items arrived, eventually, but because they had been packaged so badly one of them was broken. I emailed. No reply. I phoned and was told to return the broken item and they would replace it and my postal charges.

A week after they had it back I phoned again, after all emailing them has proved pointless. At first they claimed they had no had it. Then told me they process returns on a daily basis. Then they told me it can take three weeks. And they will only refund £10, not the actual cost of returning the damaged item. The actual cost was more, because a cast iron pan weighs 7.6 kilos, so cannot be posted for a tenner.

In summary I've had zero communication from them, late delivery, damaged goods and zero customer service.

Save yourself the hassle, do not use these people, under any of their guises, Easy Life, Jean Patrique or Luxury Offers Direct.


Truely appaling customer service

You couldn't make up just how bad these cowboys are. Problem after problem after problem. Customer service is an absolute joke, I've been given completely wrong info and lied to repeatedly.

I've just come to the end of their 'complaints procedure' and have been given a deadlock lock full of errors that has wasted me even more time.

If you value your sanity don't even think about using them, they will screw you over and waste your time.

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