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Very Poor Experience

Despite a really good sales pitch, the owner was extremely friendly and easy to communicate with but unfortunately it ended up with us having a really poor experience with Aspen Car Sales. Issues with the original vehicle purchased within a week and then the replacement vehicle within a month. Really unreliable.

Once payment was made communication with them was poor. Took ages to resolve. Had to involve a credit card company to try and claim back. Eventually they agreed to a meeting where we accepted a refund of £400 less than the price we paid just to get as much money back as possible. I was really disappointed as I felt they were a local company that we would be able to trust.

My advice; be aware and purchase with extreme caution!!! If you're going to buy from them, whatever you do give yourself that extra protection and use a credit card!


Excellent Share Dealing Service

I wanted to start buying and selling my own shares but had no idea where to start! I did some research and gave Halifax Share Dealing a go. I started with their fantasy trader which was incredibly easy to use and their prices in line with the standard for a main stream bank whose name you can trust. You can get cheaper but these are often with people you don't know and there are terms attached (for example one I found was half the price to buy and sell but you could only trade at three set times a day- what goods that?!). Overall I've been really happy with the service.

National Lottery

The Website is Great, The Odds of Winning Not So Much

The website is great and extremely easy to use and navigate with any winnings paid directly into your account, no having to claim in store.

However, the odds of winning are ridiculous. Especially if you are hoping to win more than a tenner.


Spot on Advice!

This website is truly unique and provides some fantastic advice but be aware that sometimes you need to do your own research, something I believe they encourage you to do anyway.

For example, you can sometimes find better ISA rates than the ones they advertise on their website. As they are managed by what I believe is a small team it can sometimes take a little while for the new information to come through.

None the less, there is no other service like this and it is a great place for advice.


Good Price with Free Standard Delivery

Simple to use website with a fantastic range. I find their website far easier to navigate than their stores. Currently offering free delivery with no minimum spend, which saves around £4 I believe- the reason I gave them a go in the first place. I've ordered twice from them now and both times received the order promptly.

The downside: Whilst Debenhams choose to use the firm I don't think it is necessarily their fault. They use a local delivery firm called Hermes. This company seems to receive some really varied reviews. In my experience with the three deliveries that I have had, with my first order being split into two, one of these was left behind my dustbin. Hardly protected from the weather or theft.

The other part of the website I don't get is the ability to pay for your goods with a Debenhams gift card. I can only seem to do this if you are paying in full with one single gift card. You cannot seem to use a gift card as part payment making the rest up with a debit or credit card, which I think is bizarre.

Overall I am happy with the service, availability, range and, in terms of speed, the delivery. I would recommend Debenhams as somewhere to shop online.

Mazuma Mobile

Excellent Excellent Excellent

You know when you think "they can't be that good". Well they can!!
I sent my mobile to them 1st class recorded. Received an email two days later confirming they had received my phone and were testing it. Moments later got an email confirming it had passed testing and that they were processing the payment. The payment was there within 2 hours. What more can you say? I cannot believe how quick they turned around the payment time. Much quicker and much better than competitors (that includes experiences with competitors). You would expect there to be a catch, they don't offer as good prices? Wrong! They offered as good, if not better than, others in the mobile recycling field. Fantastic service guys, keep up the good work!!!

Just Eat

Simply Great

A great service but in some areas the restaurants on offer are extremely limited, from my experience if you aren't near a University it probably isn't worth a look in. They need to expand to larger towns and cities that can make great use of this service.

If you have a problem with a restaurant or order there is no point at all contacting Just Eat as they will just tell you to contact the restaurant in question- despite them having a message stating any problems with your order and you just contact them. The only other downside is the debit/credit card payment charges which seem to be on the up just for them handling the payment fee. (Despite the amount of money they must be making off of the website as it is anyway). It's a great way to track your reviews of the restaurants you have used, though I am sure a spreadsheet could do the same, and allows you to see honest reviews from real customers that have already tried a restaurant before you give a new one a try!

EDIT: Through inability to reply to comment.


The mentioning of Just Eat being of no help when you face a problem with a restaurant is based on my personal experience of the only time I had to contact you where I was told purely and simply to contact the restaurant myself. Maybe this was just a one off and I was unlucky.

I frequently use Just Eat over having to go directly to the restaurants as they don't often take card payments. Granted the charge is a pain, but that is not to say that this stops me using the service. Of course I appreciate that there are fees involved in processing these transactions. In fact, I made an order tonight on my credit card! It's just one of those things!

With regards to customer reviews, this was something I was pointing out was a really good side of Just Eat is that you can see what others think before going ahead and placing an order and obviously from experience without having placed an order you can't go ahead and make a review. Perhaps you misread that section of my review?

I'll be sure to submit some restaurant suggestions you way when I'm home next as its there that seems to be lacking.

It's great to see that you pay attention to these reviews- quite often they do seem to go unnoticed.

Keep up the good work!


14 February 2012

Reply from

Hi Gary,

I'm glad to see you are happy with the service provided and that you enjoy using Just Eat.

We are always updating the site so please keep checking in the future for any new restaurants available in your area. If you would also like to suggest a restaurant that you would like to see on Just Eat you can do so by clicking on the following link

If you do contact Just Eat regarding a problem that you are having with a restaurant or an order then we are always happy to contact the takeaway on your behalf to see if this can be resolved. We do advise that during busy periods it may be quicker to contact the takeaway directly to get a response but if for any reason you can not do this we are happy to help.

In regards to credit/debit card payments the fee is a standard charge, it costs us money to process card orders and this is a standard card admin fee. A lot of companies charge higher card fees, we have decided on 50 pence as the suitable charge for card transactions.

I would also like to state that we only ever allow customers that have placed an order to leave a review, this means that all reviews posted on the site are from people who have tried that restaurant previously.

Your feedback is very important to us, thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

Kind Regards,

James Flood
Social Media Consultant


Frequent Surveys and Good Pay Outs

Great reward selection on offer from these guys. They frequently email you with new survey offerings, but you need to be quick to get in there. Though I am yet to receive a reward from them I do know it takes around a month for them to change your rewards for surveys from "Pending" to applied monies in your account. They have a low payout threshold of £10 after which they claim it takes 14 days for your chosen voucher to be posted or emailed. The first survey company I have used after a recommendation from Money Saving Expert I'm really glad that I appear to have started off with the best. Hopefully it will stay that way. Highly recommended!

EDIT: Got my first Amazon voucher within 2 hours of putting in a request for it. Assuming that in store vouchers take a bit longer to turn up but impressed.

ONLY NEGATIVE SO FAR: A number of surveys fail to complete and show in your account. If you contact them you get fobbed off with a generic reply. No one ever looks into it and I'm certainly missing a couple of quid and a couple of hours worth of time! Just be careful spending half an hour doing a survey because should it go wrong you're stuffed! Which is a shame because it will only reduce the quality of the survey responses. For this reason, 4 stars!

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Expensive and Poor Customer Service

Vodafone seem to have started charging more and more for their service compared with other networks. As someone that couldn't care less about Formula 1 offers through their sponsors I would rather pay less and lose this "benefit".

From experience Vodafone Customer Service can be incredibly hit and miss, like no other. One phone call you get someone who's lovely and would go our of their way to help you and then you get someone who very clearly cannot wait to hang up on you. Something that really needs to improve especially if they insist on being expensive!


Top service and top prices

They had some excellent offers before Christmas and its great to see that they haven't changed, unlike some companies that drop prices on Christmas day Argos appear to have given some great value from money from the off rather than price fixing like some. Top service when I went into store to collect my product reserved online. Excellent!


Impressed with the overall service

As a first time customer taking advantage of the £15 off a first shop I was impressed with the service. Delivery charges are far better than that of competitors, they even have free slots!

Food was fresh, driver was professional and punctual. I even had a phone call asking if he could deliver early! The receipt shows you in what order you need to consume food for sell by dates- a handy little tool to help ensure nothing is wasted!

As John Gorring has stated below, the Tesco Price Match is very misleading. As a Tesco customer I know when the products I buy are on offer and noticed a number of their price matches were matched when bought in singles but were actually on offer at Tesco which could save you a substantial amount. For example, Lucozade 6 pack priced matched at £3.70. Tesco: 2 for £6.

Overall, impressed with the service. They just need to be careful about the price matching of competitors.


Service is something to be desired

I've been with the AA for years on my breakdown cover but when it recently came to renewal my price hit the roof. Telephoned them and managed to get the price back down, received three different quotes in the post after that.
Having spoken to a number of advisor's as a result of these quotes coming through the post I was assured my lower price would be charged. Surprise surprise when they took nearly double what they had quoted me. I have now cancelled my breakdown cover.

Wouldn't touch their insurance with a barge pole, I've had a quote every year that I've been driving and theirs is always one of the most expensive quotes I get.


Competitively priced breakdown and car insurance

I was with RAC car insurance for a year and was impressed with their customer service. Unfortunately they were beaten at renewal but got my no claims bonus in the post to me quickly without any hassle.

Recently signed up to their breakdown service having had problems with AA. Well priced breakdown cover. My girlfriend has been with them for years and had to call them out twice and both times were out quickly and fixed the problem. Excellent customer service!!


Room for improvement!!

Second time using them. Again an efficient service keeping you up to date every step of the way. The only downside is why you have to wait a week for them to even send the cheque out after confirming the phone is fine?! I used bank transfer first time and had to wait so opted for a different method hoping it would be quicker. Great service but the payment times need to speed up especially when the likes of Mazuma pay SAME DAY!!!


Spot on!

Quick delivery and competitive prices. What more do you need?!


Going downhill fast!

I swear that eBay fee's never used to be that high. 10% final valuation fee is a joke! I used to love selling the odd thing on eBay and generally speaking you'd get a decent price for it but with eBay taking 10% at the end, as well as the insertion fee, and then Pay-pal jump on the bandwagon charging you too! Its ridiculous.

There are so many horror stories out there too. My house mate sold two things on eBay, both of them went "missing" in the post. I sold something recently and it was claimed the item was damaged on arrival. Its unlikely the Royal Mail is to blame, more likely is a chancer at the other end trying to get their money back and a free item!

The layout of the website has become harder to use too- it used to be so easy and straight forward.

I'm afraid to say that i'll be steering clear of eBay from now on.

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Excellent isn't a website that always springs to mind but on the odd occasion that I do buy from them the service has been great. Items are posted out quickly and they keep you updated on the dispatch.

Their website is also quite a bit clearer than competitors like Amazon, who's website can be quite cluttered compared to Play.


Top review website

I don't understand all the complaints. I was prompted by a company I used to review them on this website at the end of our transaction. Signing up and leaving a review could not have been easier.

With any review website you cannot 100% guarantee that the reviews are false but the way that Trust Pilot award points when a user personalises their account or adds reviews to build up reliability is really a clever way of doing it. I've started reviewing websites that I've already had experience with and will continue to check out websites as I come across them in the future

Just a shame I didn't come across this sooner!!


Orange truly are a premium network

I've been an Orange customer for just over a year now. I experienced so many issues with my BlackBerry handset and every time I needed to speak to them the guys in Handset support were really helpful. They had a new handset dispatched next day for me numerous times, must have cost them a fair amount but I could not fault them on their customer service.

Although you can probably get the deals cheaper elsewhere, Orange Wednesdays, iTunes Thursdays, Magic Numbers and their customer service are a great addition and help in making this network worth paying more for.

The only downside to the network, the reason they've only got 4 stars, is that pretty much every time you call you get the "We're very busy at the moment" and call wait times can sometimes be extremely long.


First time shopping online + Tesco Mobile

First time shopping online with Tesco and the experience was great. The website was incredibly easy to use and the Clubcard favourites is a great feature making the shopping easier. (Though 400 favourite items is more everything I buy at Tesco than my favourites?)

I submitted an online query through the contact form about the pricing showing higher on the VISA verify page than quoted on their website. No more than a minute after submitting the online query I had a call from someone at Tesco apologising for the confusion and explaining how the system works (apparently a common first time query). What was really cool was that you can change your order, add or remove items, up until the morning your orders delivered. Not so good when you're in the mood for snacks!!

All the people complaining have either been VERY unlucky or expect too much. I've even had a text to confirm the delivery time, more precise than quoted online. Fingers crossed that they stick to this and jobs a good'un. UPDATE: Stuck to the delivery time and the driver was extremely friendly. Great service.

Tesco Mobile is fantastic, my girlfriend signed up for a SIM only with them which was fantastic value for money compared to what other networks have to offer. Even when it came to her leaving for another network (Tesco didn't offer the handset she wanted) they willingly handed over the PAC so she could keep her number. Top service.

Sell Your-laptop

Paid a great amount but it took a while for payment

Having bought a new laptop I thought this would be a great way of offsetting the cost.
They paid more than any other quote I received online for my laptop but sadly took a number of weeks for the laptop to be "processed" and for the payment to be made.
However, the communication was great and their staff extremely helpful. They kept me updated during the process and apologised for the delay as two members of staff had recently departed they had fallen behind with the processing- admired their honesty. They offer to collect your laptop for any address of your choice, handy if you're at work, and for FREE!!! A really really great service. Thanks guys.



Recently ordered a game from Amazon online. RRP £44.99 and most places were selling it for that price, even online. Amazon were selling it for £24.99. I even splashed out for 1st Class postage to get it quicker. I use Amazon from time to time and the service they provide is always top class and I am yet (touch wood) to have a problem with them. As long as you don't mind waiting for delivery, the downside with any online company, highly recommended.


Very happy with the service and rates

I've recently gone back to Nationwide because of their extremely competitive ISA rate. It was extremely easy to set up. Their online banking is extremely easy to use and is due to have a face lift soon so hopefully things can only get better.


Top Service from a Top Bank

I've banked with NatWest since I was 14 and i've always found their service to be great. Only once or twice have I had a poor experience, but which company doesn't? Their student account is top class compared to what other banks have to offer and from what i've looked at their Graduate account is too. I used to hold my ISA savings with them but sadly they don't offer competitive saving rates so I moved to another provider. Otherwise a top service from what I think is one of the high streets best banks.

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