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Not the company they were 10 years ago....

Dell are not the company they were 10 years ago...but why is this you may ask..and the simple reply is....

Unreliable parts and poor construction, extremely poor after sales/customer service and a substandard grasp and understanding of the language of the country the goods are being supplied in. This in addition to there being no incentivisation to past customers to buy again and little or no knowledge of the sales history of a past client.

From Dell in the last 15 years I have bought 10 Desktop PC's with monitors and all accessories, 3 Laptops and a Server including a host of other smaller items such as Camera's, Portable Hard Disc Drives and Zip Drives, Mice, Carry Cases and further smaller accessories to a cost of about £15K which granted, does not make me their largest customer or even put me in the big league but surely still one worth retaining? Of course Dell are not actually aware of this as it would seem that every purchase from them is viewed in itself and a comprehensive customer record not kept or certainly not available to the Dell team members I have spoken to in the last 12 Months..

Could it really be the case that they do not think this important? Or perhaps they do not care about customer retention or loyalty. Either way it does not help to enhance the purchase experience for the customer and with the abysmal state of their 'customer service' and after sales support the likelihood of someone actually wanting to buy from them again is very unlikely.

Indeed, why would someone go back for repeat business from Dell at present? Two things. Price and convenience.

However, as Dell are not the cheapest on the market either I am still left wondering how they keep their goods selling aside from the convenience factor. Perhaps customers who cannot be bothered to look further afield, perhaps customers like me who have had good experiences in the past or customers who just believe the advertising blurb...or maybe just convenience alone.

Only, when it breaks down the convenience is gone. Much like the time you'd spent installing software and personalising the machine. Not to mention the fact that you're now without the PC which will take time to be fixed or replaced and likely you'll have to go through all the installation & personalisation stuff again. All this while now having lost faith in the machine which you now expect will let you down again.

I used to be a firm believer in Dell Hardware which I found to be well built and extremely reliable and a true advocate of the brand until my recent experiences and now I wouldn't even consider another one of their machines.

It's such a shame how a company can lose sight of so many things from once being so good.

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Takes the guesswork out of Pizza.

When I order a take-away I like to know what I'm getting and from Pizza Hut I do. The product is not perfect but it is consistent and you do get what you ordered.

When I order from Pizza Hut I am not expecting something like an authentic pizza from Italy but rather the same pizza I received from them the previous time I ordered. After all, if I'm ordering again it's fair to assume that I like the product. This being the case, it's product consistency that is key to the customer’s pleasure and also their repeat business. I can also vouch that the product is so consistent that even in places as far as Mexico, Thailand, Cyprus and the U.S.A the pizza is the same. The menu choice may differ and the toppings may taste a little different but the amount of topping you get, the dough and the cheese all come together to give you just what you were expecting.

The only thing I would say on the negative side is that the dough is a little fluffy nowadays and has been that way for maybe a couple of years. I'm not sure of the reason for this but would guess at it being health related. I would dearly love to know. If this is that reason then I would remind Pizza Hut and its customer's that pizza is not a health food or indeed, particularly good for calorie controlled diets and dieters (believe me, I know!) so please change it back to the way it used to be if at all possible.

If people (me included) want to diet, then it’s plenty of fruit and veg, nothing fried. No pastry and a general reduction in all bready products (and Sweets of course) but certainly not Pizza. Pizza is for taste and texture and so more of that please and if the dieters want/need to be catered for then how about coming out with an all new healthier base specifically for them?

The fluffy dough situation did put me off the product for a while and so I went to Domino's but although their dough/base is firmer you never know what you're going to get as far as the rest of the pizza is concerned.

It is this lack of consistency that brought me back and I have every faith that Pizza Hut will improve the dough. I'm hopeful anyway.

Oh yeah, and one more thing I'd like to ask Pizza Hut. "Any chance of bringing the 'Sicilian' Base back again?"

Fingers crossed.

John Lewis

A name you can trust.

I've shopped in the stores and through the website and always had the best experience doing so. Great choice. Good Service and 'Never knowingly undersold.'

Hard to find a reason to buy anywhere else other than if it's a product or model they don't supply.

The only weak area I've discovered is in the supply of blinds/soft furnishings but in my opinion this was down to the staff in that department in the particular store I visited. In this area where the product being supplied included a service element (i.e: The installation) there is a need for a more complex discussion in finalising the sale so the customers requirement is met successfully. This needs a more motivated and flexible sales staff rather than the 'Computer says no' type so often found in the high street. I must say though, this is NOT the norm in John Lewis and so not indicative of the whole group, just 1 depatment in 1 store.


Great Classic Dough, Bad Organisation & Value for Money.

Domino's has been my Pizza Delivery favorite for some time but in the last 6 months the product quality has slipped. For example extra toppings ordered are applied to the pizza in non consistent amounts, especially vegetable options which on several occasions arrived on the pizza in the most ridiculously scant quantities which I was annoyed by having paid £1.20 per extra topping. Extra Tomato sauce is now also classed as a topping and so you have to pay here too (unlike pizza hut - as of Oct 2011) which makes the pizza very overpriced.

In my experience if you don't order extra sauce, the pizza will have hardly any on and so be under par. Unfortunately, even if ordered and paid for you will still be unlikely to get extra as it will likely be 'forgotten.'

I could cope with extra sauce being forgotten every now and again when it was free but not at £1.20 extra each time.

Essentially Domino's don't seem to have a consistent topping measuring system like Pizza Hut (which was told to me by the manager I was talking to after one recent complaint on this issues) so you never know how much of an extra topping/cheese or sauce you will get (if any,) which at such a high cost is important for a customer to know or the obvious upset/loss of business will be likely to ensure. Consistency is the key here.

For such a large company brand delivering such a simple product which it markets massively at great expense it seems a grossly stupid oversight to make in not demanding this.

I don't expect such consistency from local pizza delivery places as these are singular businesses managed by different people and also don't cost so much. But from a Global corporate chain I do expect this consistency. Its part of what I am paying the extra for.

I have now moved by custom back to Pizza Hut who have upped their
game and service and give me the product I pay for even if the pan base is a bit fluffy!


Simply. Unreliable.

I joined Talk Talk and was without a Phone and Broadband for 4 Months....Never again.

Totally useless Customer service.


Excellent choice, easy to return and informative.

Amazons progressed much over the 10+ years I've used it and I buy most of my CD's, DVD's, Books and Christmas gifts from here. Always a massive product array for maximum choice. Substantial information available to make the right choice and an easy returns procedure.

What more can you ask for?



Good if you are a Buyer, Very Poor if you are a Seller.

If you have a problem on a purchase from eBay you are always protected so long as you follow the rules and use Paypal. You may, at worst end up out of pocket for the postage cost incurred in sending the item back but this is the chance you take and fairly minor.

As a Seller it is not a good place in which to conduct a trade for in addition to the high fees in listing and upon selling an item, you are at the complete mercy of the customer and should they wish to return the purchased item you have no option but to accept it back and refund the total cost including postage which can be significant in cases where the item sold is delivered abroad. I experienced this recently in a scenario where I delivered an item to Austria which was delivered to the delivery address stated in the eBay item sold notification. Upon the buyer not receiving the item I found that the address on the Paypal payment received notification email was different. Upon informing the buyer of this he admitted to not changing the delivery address on his ebay account and that he had not lived there for some time. By the time he had checked at the address and found the post office non delivery/collection slip and checked at the local post office, the time for collecting the parcel from the Austrian post office had elapsed and so the parcel was on its way back to me. Despite the buyer's error he was unwilling to pay the postage a 2nd time and so wanted a refund which I had to give. The buyer did however agree to have the item refunded minus the original postage but if an online Paypal managed dispute had been opened by the buyer and I had not negotiated with him then Paypal would have refunded both the item and original postage cost despite my having his admission of the error being his fault which was conducted through ebay messages. Paypal said the were not a party to the messages in ebay (despite Paypal being owned by eBay) and that this admission would not be sufficient grounds for them to rule in my favor as the item had not been delivered and signed for. Paypal also maintained that the fact that the incorrect address given in the ebay item sold notification was the buyers fault was irrelevant as even if I had sent it to the address on the Paypal payment received email and it had not been signed for I still would have had to refund the total payment.

In conclusion, should someone purchase from you through ebay using Paypal and not sign for the item or change their mind about the purchase prior to receiving it then all they have to do is not sign for the parcel or collect it from the post office and they won't be out of pocket a penny.

The fact that Sellers cannot even leave bad feedback any longer just adds insult to injury. If you can sell in any other way I advise you to do so. Hopefully another Auction site will arise and break ebay's monopoly at which point they might start to look into giving some acceptable level of customer service.

As a Seller I've spend hours talking to ebay & Paypal about annoying, low value issues such as the above and never to my satisfaction but this I now accept is the chance I take.

I'm very thankful that I don't have to use ebay or Paypal to assist in my making a living as if you count all the hours I wouldn't even be making minimum wage!

Basically eBay's only good for making money for ebay.


Great Products, Excellent Service & Fast delivery.

Healthy Supplies is a good supplier of excellent quality, great tasting foods. I would reccommend them to anyone looking for dried fruits, spices and a large array of other cooking necessities. They are helpful on the phone and always deliver quickly. They supply nutrition rich and diet related foods and give the correct expert advice to guide you too but even if you are just looking for tasty options (like me) they have this in abundance also.

Breakfast wouldn't be the same in our house withouse their freeze dried Raspberries and Strawberries!

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