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As far as sheds go - excellent. At last a UK company that is still here

They sell sheds and bike storage. Decent enough service. It was delivered on time – you can’t ask for more than that. Looks a good strong secure unit. Delivery men were good and polite. At last a decent bit of service from a UK company.


Top service

Super staff and service across the country. They are always very helpful and full of advice. The products they offer are wide and varied to suit all investors – the membership rewards used to be excellent, not so good these days since they merged with the Coop. Still a great place to put your money though.

White Rose

Nope, go the other way and get a proper shopping experience in Manchester

The White Rose Centre – Leeds

Why bother? Just go to Manchester and don’t waste your time here. Access is dire, parking is poor. Shops are limited.


Village outlet Castleford

Great place. They have lots of decent branded clothes shops and kitchen ware. I would recommend the Gap store for the best value, Also the Mountain Warehoude - cracking few cafes (costa etc). That said most of the small stores are run by people who barley speak English which is frustrating.

To place to shop though


Over charge for everything

HSBC bank

Used to be the best bank in the world when I was a student. After 3 £150 charges I nolonger bank with them. The branches are always closed, the customer services are Indian (so I can understand nothing they say) The charges are unexplained and exceptionally high. Poor service all round.


The city of Stoke On Trent

What has happened? The place is a shell. Its all derelict. Don’t go it’s depressing.

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I would go else where

Harratts group

Myself and others have had terrible problems with used vehicles bought from this Yorkshire based company. Never have I been told so many contradictions by different people in the business. The quality of the vehicle I collected was dire, serious engine faults, electrical problems and an oil leak. Time and time again the car was taken back, each time it was returned in an even worse state. This is a Trading Standards recommended company – a disgrace. I am not the only, I have a co worked who got her new car home to find that the Alloy wheels had been swapped with steel ones, as one of the staff had been stealing them and selling them on.

I would seriously consider placing your car business else where.

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Early/Mid 30's and fed up of the state of the country. I look for good service, I hardly ever get it