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It's Good to Talk...

My wife recently reviewed a Danish A-kasse on Trustpilot on the basis of a slow and prolonged decision making process. Needless to say it was not a favorable review as it has to date taken almost 8 months to get a resolution on my case. Non-transparent rules and regulations coupled with a communications debacle continues to roll on into the ninth month.
However, complaint aside, the review and the exposure that Trustpilot engenders caused that same A-kasse to contact us directly and start a dialog, resulting in a meeting I was previously denied, and causing them to review information they had negligently never previously asked for.
Trustpilot has, in my case, forced the hand of the A-kasse to review its member claim process, review their internal communications policy and to be more transparent about the regulations that govern member claims.
It's good to talk. Thanks Trustpilot.

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Removing Subscriptions: A web of confusion and deception

I have been a skype user since there were just 30,000 users on the system. A long time. I have enjoyed many good years and hundreds of hours with friends and relatives all over the world.
On the strength of this I created a Business account, added my credit card details, added work colleagues, never really benefitted from group screen sharing because it never worked and it turned out to be an expensive console to add or remove members.
I have tried to cancel the subscription on my credit card, but it has not been possible because it tells me I should transfer credits to a user before I can do this. There is no way to do this because the web page for months has given me a system error. Today I received another subscription payment notification with my credit card statement...just to add further insult to injury! It's not even possible to delete an account. What's that all about? Even Facebook deletes photos now!
Skype customer services hides behind pages of inter-linked information that goes around in circles of Q&A pages and when I have been able to find a mail address to write to I don't get an answer.
Very disappointing. Now I use Viber.

There's a lot to be learned from El Giganten

Washing machine decided to quit after 12 years...understandably. Without hesitation (based on previous experiences) went to El Giganten website, ordered online, and absolutely thrilled by the service. Not one hitch in the process. Payment was easy, sms notifications and email receipts were timely and informative and on the morning of the delivery of the new machine we were informed it was on its way. Fantastic. Two guys showed up in good humor and took away the old machine.
Absolutely no cause for complaint. We'll go there again.

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