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What happened to you cokezone? you've changed you used to be cool!!!!

Many moons ago I joined coke zone with the promise of great rewards, such as TV's, mobile phones, computer games, DVD's and all manor of electronic goodness the only issue back then was the stocking of these high end rewards, about a hundred per month given out in batches which was cool IMO but people complained about availability of them. Fair enough you may say and coke zone responded to these complaints, not by making more available or limiting people to one "hero" reward per account for a month but buy taking them away O_o. they did how ever have a massive clearance sale where every thing was unlimited for about a month promising that once this was over people would have access to unlimited mid range rewards. Sounds like a fair trade, a little bit crap but hey ho what you gonna do.

Fast forward a few months the rewards we can expect are boxes of fruit, discount vouchers of coke t-shirts on a clothing website, free international calls from skype, We7 subscription, a brolly lipstick and a bloody scoody (more useless tat is available on the website) the stuff we actually wanted more of like the TV's etc are now only as prize draws with one winner a month and the twitter team stating these draws are very popular and get loads of people wasting points entering them (of course "popularity" of these would improve they removed all avenues for people to get what they actually want and glimmer of hope is what people are clinging on too) the blog on the coke zone site no longer allows comments and all interaction with its consumers has been moved to twitter and all previous blog comments wiped off the pages of coke zone ¬_¬. Considering the amount of characters generally used in the blog comments a move to twitter appeared to be restrictive an only intended to stop people leaving feed back. But we battled on asking coke zone where the mid range rewards were please could we have the high value rewards back, even suggesting the monthly pol questions that we would like to see instead of the market research or the ones loaded in their favor. Instead of actually getting answers that arn't "sorry we don't have anything you like maybe we will do soon", "what would you like to see on coke zone" without any intent of acting on these suggestions many are ignored by the team that tweets its consumers or blocked all together

So my advise for those who still have a cokezone account is to wait until one of the sporadic HMV voucher offings come up then use your points and get out and to people thinking about joining up, don't bother its not worth your time and effort

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