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From sublime to substandard

Cokezone used to be excellent, excellent prizes, TV,s phones xbox's cameras etc. Now what do we have? Promotional crap that cokezone gets for free and expects us the paying customer to be happy with it. No I don't want to pay my points for a Graze fruit box sample when i can go to their website to and get one for free, I don't want a free blockbuster DVD rental when I can get that for free and I don't want Alton towers 2 for 1 coupon when a quick google search can get that for me. Everything on their site is promotional and they get for free, Compare this with Australia and USA cokezones and they have excellent prizes both low and high value, What is wrong with the UK that we get treated so shoddy? Are we second class or something?

Ah, but cokezone has said that they are only giving the prizes that the public want, they even did a survey, or so they claim. So they really expect us to believe that somebody has said, "Yes I would rather the coke t-shirt over the flat screen TV, I would rather the 2 for 1 Alton tower pass over the xbox360, of course I want the 'Coca-Cola' Sling Bag, stick that digital camera in the bin!". Pathetic, no sane person would ever say they wanted what is on the site now compared to what was on it before. They claim that people didn't want high end prizes they would rather the lower cost prizes. Which begs the question why cant they have both? Is it against the law to have both? No of course not. Its clear that they are being as cheap as possible, they don't care about the customer and Cokezone have clearly lied to us.

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