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Experience from hell

Booked a long wheel base van online, and received a phone call to say that the long wheel base van was unavailable, and would I like a Luton truck instead? I said, no thanks - I will find a long wheel base van somewhere else. But that was not the end of it.

Yellohire then charged my bank account the hire price for a Luton truck anyway. I assumed it was an innocent mistake and and asked them to refund me. I got an unpleasant email back saying I did hire the Luton truck. But they did agree to refund me.

Sometime later I checked my account, and I saw that they had not refunded me. I phoned them 3-4 times during the next 3 weeks explaining that I had not been refunded, and *every* time, they said someone would look into it, or the person dealing with it was not in, and that I would receive a phone call and email confirmation. Only once did I receive an abrubt voice message saying, "You have been refunded." But I was not refunded.

Finally I decided to go to my bank and arrange for a chargeback. I had to complete a form from the bank's fraud and card disputes department explaining the reason for chargeback, and realising the seriousness of an unauthorised charge, I decided to try once more to resolve this internally. I phoned Yellohire again, and I spoke to the managing director. He once again said "someone will call you in half an hour", and I said, "Hold on. Every time I call, someone says they will call me back, and I don't believe it anymore." I explained very politely that I was in the process of initiating a chargeback at my bank. At that point, the MD of Yellohire got agitated and started insulting me, and even threatened to charge my card *again* if I did not "stop being an idiot". He told me [removed] and hung up. This was the managing director of Yellohire! And at no time was I anything but polite and professional.

Later that day, I received an email from him chiding me for initiating a chargeback and that I should have gone back to Yellohire with my concerns instead! He also refunded me and quoted me a reference number to prove it. A few days later I saw the refund in my bank account. Looking at other people's experiences, it seems that if you use Yellohire and nothing goes wrong and you don't need any cooperation from them - you'll be fine. But God help you if things do not go smoothly and you need to rely on their professionalism to assist you! I must say that besides from the MD, no one else was rude or impolite to me - just unhelpful. From my phone calls to this company, I can deduce that they have no call centre, it's just a few people in an office. They also have no vans of their own, they just broker the deal for other companies.

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