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Great Product, Swift if a little expensive Delivery, Easy Transaction

Very easy to order, reasonably priced product, good quality and good selection, just a little expensive on the postage, and I know prices for postage have rocketed lately!! All in all I would definately recommend.

Jennings Ford

Poor Start, Still Going Downhill....

Part exchanged my 3 year old Ford KA which I bought brand new from this garage, after 115,000 trouble free miles.This time I bought a 1 year old KA with 9,000 miles on the clock. Because there was a private plate on my vehicle and some dual controls to change over it was 3 weeks before I got the new car.Whilst waiting for these weeks to pass and having signed the new agreement I received a letter from Ford finance about a missed payment on my old car, I still had 6 payments to go. Jennings had some how managed to forget to settle my previous car finance despite a new agreement being in place, it was then paid. Not a good start but hey no problems with my last car!!
The day came to pick up the car and as we sorted last bits and pieces and I was shown how many checks the car had gone through before I was receiving it the salesman held up the spare, none remote key declaring the other was missing, but it wouldnt take long to get another!!! Despite having 3 weeks to sort this.Not looking good.
Got in the car started the engine, sure I heard a knock?? Drove home with occasional, " I'm sure I heard a knock there". Turned engine off, definate knock. Rang and told salesman, " thats strange, surprised I never heard it when i drove it but pop it back and sure we will sort it". I had a look under engine that night and discovered a bolt was missing from the bottom metal radiator hose where it bolts to the subframe, put a bolt in, knock gone. :-)
Got a call on the Friday before Christmas to say key was in so duly arranged to go in the next day. The heater fan was buzzing occasionally and it had a slight groan on the steering at low speeds so I was going to mention these item too.
There for 8.30, explained other problems, car was whisked away and I had a coffee in the waiting area.
45 minutes later good news and bad news. Good news new key up and running, bad news spare key has been blocked, so do not use and we will be in touch in the New Year to programme a new one!!! They couldnt hear fan rattle or groan but to be fair they were a bit random. Drove home a bit happier :-)
As the car is used for driving tuition I'm in it an awful lot and fitting in trips to the garage are very rare so I've coped without a spare key, no great hardship, and the other 2 faults have nicely grown louder making detection easier. Also the drivers seat now doesn't click into position without a great push or it frightens some poor learner to death when it suddenly bangs into place at some in-opportune moment!!!
Got a cancellation this morning so drove 20 minutes to the garage to be told they are so busy they cannot come out to see the vehicle and I have to book it in for them to LOOK/LISTEN to these problems and then book it in again to get any problems solved!!! I was told even if I needed a bulb changing they couldnt do it until next week. I mentioned my replacement key and was told it was replaced on January 3rd this year!!! They will order another key and program it when my car comes in for the above problems. Not sure how they had confused me coming in and having a key programmed!!
I have put off writing this review thinking that they will sort things out once I pop in and let them listen/look to things, then I book it in and all's rosy. Its not to be. The last car only had the first service done by Jennings then I did all the other's myself, its cheaper and you know whats done but obviously not everyone can do that. I'm always on a tight schedule with my work and I have never found a garage that understands this, even on that one and only service I didn't get the car back at the alloted time because they didn't have an oil filter for it in stock!!!!! Maybe I should have learnt that so long as you dont have to deal with the service department then alls good but if you do then I think its God help you.
Purchasing the vehicle from the salesman was the usual 10/10 but its been all down hill from there.
Sorry about the lengh of this review, it would have been much shorter for my last car lol but I hope it will help anyone purchasing a vehicle from Jennings to know what they could be getting into.

Cracking Service from Start to Finish......

Excellent site, choice, information and ease of use. Lots of delivery reminders, including a specific slot on the day, texed first thing on delivery day. oh and delivery was free provided you didnt want a specific slot :-)
All in all a brilliant service, delivery and product and an excellent price.
I would definately recommend to anyone.

18 October 2012

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Hi Martyn

It's great to hear that you liked our service so much you would recommend us :)

Thank you
Natalie, Appliances Online.

Frost Auto Restoration Techniques

Excellent Product, Service and Delivery

No hassle website and ordering, massive choice, prompt delivery, a great service!!



Delivery and communication are always excellent, any problems, and there have been very few over many years, are always dealt with super efficiently. Even asking for your commision is easy and fast.

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