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Getting like Ryanair

The 'extras' are taking over the service. Efficient service now infested with 'Bean-Counters'.

Virgin Atlantic

It'll do.

Cattle class (like me) are tolerated. Virgin will get you there on time and on budget, and sometimes you get service with a smile.


Barely above water.

Their takeover of Tiscali was shambolic. Wait to see if Dido (new(ish) Chief Exec.) can haul it ashore before you commit yourself.


Heapo Cheapo

Get what you pay for; perhaps no less, but you betcha absolutely no more!


Number One

Maybe monolithic, but unrivalled for their scope, speed and facility.


Not always cheapest, but otherwise the best

For twelve years they have provided excellent service for travel all over the globe. Reliable, friendly and efficient.


Good, but remote

As an intermediary Ebay is very efficient. But if things go wrong then a major dose of patience is required to negotiate their systems.
Handle with care.


Curate's Egg; good in parts

During a long vacation in North-West USA the hotel booking systems were flawless. The hotels less so. Rooms were often 'also ran' despite bookings placed six months in advance. Local negotiation by other 'off the street' customers gave them better (quieter, more spacious, better appointed) rooms. Use with care.



For what feels like a lifetime (well, maybe ten years!) I have found Amazon to provide constant quality of product and service. They deal with (extremely rare) problems in the same seamless, professional manner.
Absolutely first class.


Best in the World

Don't be fooled. The Beeb IS the best!
Inoculate yourself against Murdochitis with regular infusions of Beeb elixir.
American TV is uniformly dire. Riddled with advert interruptions it is dumbed-down, shallow, insular and demagogic.
Australian TV has suffered the same fate although it is slightly less miserably bitchy.
Don't believe me? Watch Fox.....
Our own ITV/Channel Four/Five are sliding towards the abyss, held back from the edge only by the BBC anchor of quality.


Good but over-complicated

A veritable mine of information, but be careful that your excavations don't lead you down dim-lit passageways where you can become lost.

Tyre Shopper

The best tyre site available

This is the third time I've used your service. You have always given me the best price around and without gimmicks, add-ons or flim-flam.
Keep up the good work, and thank you for your beacon of excellence.

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