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Easy, straight forward

Phoned uswitch as i wanted know what my monthly spend would be on the plan I had selected online. Duane made it simple and easy to understand and an easy experience to switch.


GREAT work for new start up company

I found Marks Autobodies on google and went to see him for a quote at his premises in Cradley Heath.
Mark was knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. He gave me a quote for the work which was damage to my fiat's car sill caused by me wrongly jacking the car in the dark and rain!! Mark said it was no problem and gave me a very good quote for the work. Mark had the work done in two days even delivering it back to me on a Sunday ready for my working week on the Monday.
The finish was superb and my car was even cleaned. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Marks Autobodies and if I need any more work done he will be my first port of call. Thank you Mark, good to find a company I can trust.


Great customer service, good price.

I'd never heard of alltools so looked them up first on trustpilot like I do with all firms I haven't heard of before.
I saw the rating was high so went with them to purchase a Numatic George vacuum/ carpet cleaner. The price was very good. I ordered it only to be rung back the next day to be told that it wouldn't be delivered as the carrier had failed to collect it. It wasn't an issue for me really as I wasn't in a rush for it. About 30 mins later I got a phone call back saying that they had located one at a nearby alltools shop and it would be with me the same day as the shop would deliver it to me.
Early afternoon that day my Numatic George arrived!
Now that's good service and how you not only keep your customers happy but also make them come back!
I would have no reservations about recommending them, in fact I would definitely use them again, good job!


Exellent service, great quality.

I ordered a guinea pig hutch from ukpetsonline / bunny business.

The ordering process was easy. The price was excellent and I ordered it on the weekend online when the offices were closed but I still received it at 9am Tuesday and the postage costs were very very good. The hutch I ordered was great quality and came with easy to follow instructions as well. I would definitely use them again and am already currently looking to source a guinea pig run for the garden from them. Don't be afraid because they don't have many reviews. I looked for reviews and bought from them as there were no negative reviews and very glad I did!


Appalling! Give them a wide berth.

I ordered a PC game in the middle of August. It had an expected dispatch date within a few days. Everytime I checked back they had added days onto the estimate to a point where I really did not want the item anymore as I could get it elsewhere. I tried to cancel the item but as it weas 'marked for dispatch' I could not cancel it. I sent them an e-mail which they did not reply to. I telephoned them and the lady said she'd do what she could to cancel it. This was in the middle of September. I forgot all about it as I thought I had dealt with the issue, had no money exit my account nor did I receive the game (which i have already bought now from somewhere else.). This was until the 5th October when the unwanted item arrived on doormat. On top of that Tesco do not give free returns of items meaning I have to pay postage to return it. All this could have been avoided had they had a robust, reasonable ordering system. There is no reason why an item that is weeks from dispatch with no money already taken should not be able to be cancelled... very bad. Now tescoentertainment.com is closing and going to be part of tescodirect so I'd keep a very close eye on that webite if I were you.


Speedy as lightning!

We ordered an electrical item on a saturday night on a estimated 4-6 day delivery. It arrived on the following Monday - less than two days after ordering it and even got an e-mail stating that it was going to be delivered on that day.
The fastest delivery I've experienced.


Very very good!!!

I ordered an item for cycling from this company. They were extremey good. I recieved the item within two working days. Better than thatn I got updates when the order was taken, when it was dispatched, telling me what time of say it was going to be dispatched to me (narrowed down to an hour window!) and even an e-mail sent to tell me I had received it. Item was exactly what I wanted and well packaged. A pleasurable purchasing experience.


Good prices, delivery, range.

A while back chainreaction cycles had a bit of a bad reputation with a few people. However I believe they either got new management in or pulled their socks up so to speak and as a result they have completely turned it around. Chainreaction cycles is now the first place I go to to try and find items for my cycling. Every order I have had off them has been dealt with speedily and packaged superbly in all manner of different boxes (I've ordered large and small items!). The delivery has been fast and the prices extremely competitive. The only reason I haven't given them a 5 star rating is because they have a problem with putting your last name first on their packaging which is fine if you are in to receive the item, but if you go to collect it from the post office you might find that the item has been filed away somewhere else. I was lucky when this happened as my postman was in the delivery office at the time. I have however just e-mailed them regarding this issue and I'm sure it will be resolved shortly.

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Great service and packaging

I usually buy all my cycle stuff from another well known online cycle shop. However the price for the item I required was significantly cheaper from myspokes so I took the plunge.
I was impressed by the ease of their website to use and the content available. The item arrived as requested and was well packaged. It arrived quicker than items I ordered from my usual cycle shop that I ordered at the same time. I would use them again.


Supposed to be good...but left disappointed

I flew from London to Hong Kong to Bangkok return with Cathay Pacific. I had heard they were voted a top five airline so I was expecting a satisfactory experience.
On the long haul routes the aircraft seats were nothing short of shocking. In Cathay's attempt to minimalize weight the seats were light weight but not fit for the purpose of a long haul flight. After two - three hours your backside wanted to give in and wave the white flag due to the pittance of padding in the seats.
It didn't get any better.... I chose a window seat for a reason. So when it got light I decided to open my window blind to look out only to be told by the flight attendant that I couldn't do so due to one or two people being asleep. What was the point in getting a window seat?? I even missed seeing the Himalayas as we flew over! I think I only got to look out the window for about 2 hours of a 11 hour flight!
In addition to that because it was so dark and I couldn't see anything I ended up kicking a drink out of my travel companion's drink holder all over his seat.....
The service wasn't very hospitable which I was surprised at. They seemed resigned to doing their job but lacked the friendliness I expected.
I have given them two stars because the food was very good and the entertainment system was very good. Next time however I won't expect a lot of Cathay crew.
I thought that the flight I had with Air Asia (a low cost airline) from Bangkok to Yangon to be a better, friendlier experience.


Mixed pricing, slow d/l speeds

I have used steam for a while now. I have bought a few games on it. I have a fast internet connection but the download speed (considering you are spending money on the games you're downloading!) is slow no matter what mirror you d/l from.
An investment in this area by the company would make downloading games a little more appealing.
Some of the games are cheap but some are more expensive than their shop counterparts. Perhaps I'm old school but to pay MORE for an item where you don't get a box, disc, manual or something solid in your hand is daylight robbery. Especially as they don't have to pay manufacturing costs, distribution costs etc. All downloads should be significantly cheaper.
Having said that I do like the fact they have 'events' when items are on sale...

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Great quality

I use skype a lot whilst playing online. Although it is a little resource heavy the codec is much much better than anything else I have used out there....

Brilliant and easy for all the family to get started and use...

GO Outdoors

It's Ok....

I have bought a few items from Gooutdoors but you have to be careful. If you look for special However their average prices I have beaten regularly by looking for the same item on other websites.
Their range of products though are extremely good.


Good prices, good service

I bought a medium sized electronic device from them. The price was very good - better than Amazon.
My wife had bought from them before and had no issues so I placed my order. The website was easy to navigate and pass payment on. The item was well packaged it arrived quickly and works well.
I saved about half of the RRP which was excellent. If the price is right on the item I'm looking for I won't hesitate to use Pixmania again.


Excellent, cheap, professional and fast!

I recently found M&M through a friend and haven't looked back. Over the last month I have bought an array of clothing at massively marked down prices.
They have been processed and sent extremely quickly with free postage if you spend a certain amount. All the products were as described and fitted well. M&M is now my 'go-to' clothes store....



I pre-ordered an item in October for my sister's birthday. It was due to be released on 11th November. I was told they were awaiting stock. A little while longer I sent them a message asking where it was. The answer was that they were waiting for stock!!!
It is now December 4th and even though I pre-ordered the item it still has not been sent and is not in stock.
They are still advertising the item though which I think is unprofessional if they cannot give a timescale of when they will be able to fulfill people's orders. I won't be using this company again.


Great company

I always review new websites on trustpilot before I use them, they had good ratings so I gave them a go. I bought a new pair of Oakley Pitbulls at a price £45 cheaper than some other places. The website was easy to navigate, and easy to use. It was secure the next day postage was free and did arrive the next working day. After I had received them I was sent an e-mail following up on my purchase - just good customer service. I would most definitely use them again if the price was as good as it was. Feel confident to buy from this company, based on he experience I have had anyway.

09 April 2014

Reply from Shadestation

Hi, thank you for your kind comments.

It is great to hear that you are happy with the product and the service you received from Shade Station.

Customer feedback is very important to us and we hope you order with us again in the future.

Kind regards
Shade Station Team


Get what you pay for and more

In all the Travelodge's my wife and I have stayed at we have never had a bad experience in the UK and abroad. Some people moan about stuff but take a step back and think for the price you paid (sometimes £15) did you get your £15's worth? As long as its half clean and tidy and I can shower in the morning that's fine with me if I'm paying peanuts.
It's like anything ... if you a pay £5 for a meal you wouldn't expect Michelin Star Cuisine.
However having said that I have been happy with Travelodge providing OVER my money's worth - including tea and coffee making facilities. In the States we stayed in one with a safe and microwave in the room.... always clean tidy and does what it says on the tin, no more no less...


Good points, bad points....

I have used Expedia time and again to travel and for the most part they are excellent value for money. I love the way you can book what you need to with regards to accommodation, car and flight - bolting them on or taking them off as you wish. They used to be the cheapest but lately other companies are giving them a run for their money with regards to price. When you book up it is very simple and the website is easy to use and navigate.
I don't like the fact that if you have an issue or perhaps special requirements you can't fulfill online you have to ring a premium number though.
Once when we were away we had problems with the hotel we booked not being what it said it was in a place in Cincinnati, OH that was undesirable.In fact during our stay on New Year's Eve someone got shot dead in our hotel foyer as we slept.
I think that perhaps Expedia have got so big now that they lack the attention to detail that is sometimes needed. I fully expect that every hotel they willingly sell should be fully previewed by themselves before allowing their customers to stay there. For that reason, the fact they aren't as cheap anymore, and the premium customer support I have to give Expedia a three star.

Flight Centre UK

Good but a lot of it is following up on the phone!

I was looking for cheap flights to Bangkok and came across Flightcentre. I had exhausted many avenues before getting to Flightcentre including Qatar airlines, Emirates, Thai Airways, Expedia, Ebookers to name but a few. It was a little annoying that I could not review or compare prices online and have to phone them instead, but once I had rung them they were very polite and helpful. My request for tickets was not as straight forward as most but they managed to find the right deal at a great price on a five star airline so I was very happy with the service I received.
Can't wait for my holiday...


Gets you what you want but a long way round to get it!

I Booked a flight from BKK to YGN return recently through the internet from here in the UK (I already have my flights booked to BKK from LHR)

Although they are sponsoring Queens Park Rangers in the UK and Air Asia's owner is a truly international figurehead with interests in F1 as well, I was very surprised that although some prices are quoted in pounds, you can't actually pay in pounds when booking flights in another country. I paid in Thai Baht.
I understand that the airline is low cost but at every step you seem to take adds more money on. For instance they add insurance on to the price even if you have your own, you actually have to untick the box and when the box comes up and asks whether you really want to cancel it you have to click 'cancel' instead of ok. This was a little underhand if you ask me.
You also have to unclick the option to reserve an actual seat if you don't want one (they make money on pre-booked seats as well) rather than click on a seat if you want to reserve one.
Also it seems impossible to actually find an e-mail address to write to if you have an issue, and although there is a contact number to ring I never did actually get through to a real human being to speak to.
However the prices were very good and very competitive and once you've worked out how the website works it's not impossible to book up. I have heard they are an excellent low cost airline and am looking forward to writing a review once I have tested their 'product' next year...


Good, cheap, got a lot of choice

I ordered a tracksuit and trainers from them. The website is a little bit all over the place and looks a bit 'Del Boy trotter-esque' in comparison with other sites but I guess that's where money is saved to be able to get the products you want at a cheap price.
My goods arrived in packaging that was acceptable, they arrived quickly and they were what I asked for and cheap...can't ask for much more to be honest.


A few years ago it would have been 4 star

A few years ago in my opinion Amazon were struggling. Play.com were more competitive and offered free postage something that Amazon did not. Since Amazon introduced their free economy postage I have used them time and time again for wide ranging products ranging from Blu Ray to Insect repellent. Prices have come down and are now at a par or cheaper than Play. The deals are good, and the relationship they have with independent sellers is very good as well as increasing the likelihood that they or their sellers will be able to fulfill your order to a competitive price. Postage and packing from them and their sellers is always first class and I will continue to use them.


Bought a lot of items from them

Now you might not have heard of zoverstocks. However if you use Amazon or Play a lot and buy used music from them then you most certainly will. I tend to buy a lot of my CD's second hand as I don't see the point in buying a new CD that plays exactly the same which is in the same condition for double the price. You can buy CD's as cheap as a few pence from them in great condition. Postage is competitive - at time of writing I think it is about £1.26 per CD so you can buy a CD for less than a couple of quid postage included. Postage is usually very quick and reliable and I have bought a lot of music from these guys and not had one of them go missing yet. Based on my experience I will continue to use them. They also do new CD's as well at good prices.

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I am a person who uses shops in the high street to find what I want and then get exactly the same product cheaper online....