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Not impressed

The greetings card shelves in Harrow store looked a total jumble, like they hadn't been tidied up this side of Christmas. Does no-one actively manage the place? They should be ashamed of it.
In spite of the disorder I spotted a card I liked. It was nothing special, just a plain card, but the price was £2.99 - double what one would expect to pay at The Card Factory for example.. On top of this they had the cheek to charge me an additional 1p for a little plastic bag to put it in. Then I was handed no fewer than three different discount vouchers that were of no interest to me, but I wasn't given a receipt for my purchase.
Rather than being a pleasant shopping experience, it will make me think twice before setting foot in there again.


What a waste of time!

Ordered a European city map online, good price, free delivery, but after a week passed I was wonderering what had happened to it.
I checked "My Account" that they forced me to create when I ordered, including a crappy password that had to have at least one upper case letter and at least one number, because the one of my own choosing was not good enough for them. I hate sites that dictate what your password must be like.
What I learned was that my order was still "in progress".
Then I read the reviews on here. Wish I had done that first!
The only good thing I can say about Waterstones is that they do not take your money until the order is fulfilled, as I read somewhere on their site. That meant cancelling my order with no worries was easily accomplished.


Superdrug barcode stickers

Why do Superdrug stores insist on sticking their own large barcode label on nearly every item?
Even more annoying is that they are often stuck over the product's information and instructions.
Its presence immediately disfigures and downgrades the item you've just spent your good money on.
I can't think of any other chain of stores that does this. Surely it shouldn't be necessary, when products already have a barcode printed on them?


eBuy elsewhere

Ordered item online Thursday 18 April.
Received an email Monday 22 April saying order has been despatched, and it states "Deliver Thursday 25 April". I thought that three days to get it to me seems a bit strange?
I cancelled other arrangements I had made for Thursday, sat indoors all day long, but there was no delivery.
Every time I checked the tracking, it said the same thing, "Sorry, no tracking information is available yet. Please check back soon."
Phoned eBuyer at 17:45 and after listening to umpteen adverts costing me 10p a minute a girl told me the delivery was by a company they use called DX, who don't provide any tracking and who are unable to look into it until 48 hours after the delivery date.
So if my order still hasn't turned up in the next two days, I am expected to phone eBuyer again, at 10p a minute, and that won't be till Monday as it'll be the weekend by then.
My order was delivered with my letters by my postman on Friday morning 26 April. No signature was required. "DX" is printed on the address label, and "Delivered by Royal Mail". If I had any prior indication that this was how it would arrive, and with the possibility of it being on a different day to the one stated, I wouldn't have waited in for a day expecting a courier.

29 April 2013

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I would like to offer our most sincere apologies that your order did not arrive on the stated delivery date of the 25th of April.

As our courier DX group do not provide tracking information, they also do not require a signature as this is sent on a first class service. Due to this we are required to wait 48 hours from the delivery date for the items to be delivered before we can investigate this further.

I am pleased to hear you have now received your order, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

World Of-books

Cheap in every respect

Emailed a query to their "customer service" asking about bulk purchase of several items. Received a reply telling me how to order and pay on their website, like I'm a child or something, My query was totally ignored. What a waste of time! I'm cross about it and will be buying elsewhere.
Quite a few of their customers on Amazon are not happy with the books they received, either, if you read the negative reviews.


You get what you pay for

Was thinking it was time I had another eye test, then as I walked past my local branch of Specsavers a staff member was outside offering tests that minute, so in I went. I told the optician my vision was blurry in one eye, but when I got the glasses my sight was even worse. They were also a lousy fit, forever sliding down my nose. I persevered with them for 2 weeks and then went back. This was to be the first of a number of returns, and each time the glasses were adjusted up and down, forwards and backwards. On one occasion the assistant broke a lens so the glasses had to be made again. The next time I went back saying I still couldn't see properly, the assistant said, "You've already had a replacement," like it was my fault, so I had to explain why they were replaced.
I fell for the "one free pair" offer. When my wife bought hers at Specsavers, she asked "How much without the second pair?" and guess what, the price was lower.
I also stressed when they took my details that I didn't want to receive any junk mail from them, but that hasn't stopped them, every month or so the postman delivers an envelope bearing their logo, which goes straight in the bin unopened.
After a year of stil having blurry vision in one eye, a friend recommended a local independent optician and although I paid twice as much, I have been able to see perfectly out of the new glasses from day one and they have fitted me perfectly from day one. So how come Specsavers were never able to achieve this? Go figure!

UPDATE: In the relatively short time since I wrote my opinion, I've had more unwanted mail from them and two phone calls. The second of these was in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, it was Mothers' Day, too. I was so cross I emailed the head office and pasted the above review into it.

Oct.2013 Update: And I STILL get phone calls from them! I explain that I'll never go back to Specsavers because of the lousy glasses and service I had from them, terminating the conversation by telling them to ---- off. You'd think after this they'd have the sense to remove my details from their system, but not so.

Black Country Metal Works

Inefficient, disorganised, and total tossers

Just before going away for two weeks, my wife placed an order of a 3-figure sum for an item from this firm's website. It was to be a special gift for someone.
The acknowledgement email said delivery should be within 7 to 10 working days, and it also said they would send an email if an item was not in stock.
The 10 working days passed during my wife's holiday, but there was neither delivery or email from them, so on her return she emailed them early on Monday morning to ask about her order.
A reply was not received till 5:37 pm on Tuesday, this told her they didn't have the item in stock, as they had thought, and they didn't feel they could produce them any longer. It beggars belief that it took more than two weeks for my wife to be told this! Having thought she had ordered a present in ample time, she now has just a week and a half to find an alternative.
A key member of staff leaving was given as the reason for the lack of communication (what did she do, take the firm's books with her?), while production was apparently affected due to sickness and leaving (rats deserting the sinking ship, maybe?).
Then we checked our credit card account, to find that the company had taken the payment on the very day my wife placed the order, two and a half weeks ago, so she now had to phone them and demand it back.
Goodness knows how a firm like this has managed to survive the recession so far. They succeeded in reducing my wife to tears, but she certainly won't be shedding any for them if and when they go under, which they deserve in our opinion.


Comet's failure no surprise to me

Before Comet's liquidation was announced I went with my wife to their HA4 store with the intention of buying a new microwave oven. There was a big display of different makes and models, where we spent a good 15 minutes examining them, making notes and even measuring them with a tape we'd taken. During this time not one member of staff came anywhere near us, they were mostly standing around in the tills area. It's not as if they were busy, either, there were only 3 or 4 other customers in the store. We were far from impressed and decided someone else deserved our money more.

Then my father-in-law went to the same store to buy a new freezer. After looking at the stock, he wanted further information and had to go an find an assistant, who turned out to be completely disinterested and was of little help.

Like my wife and I before him, he bought elsewhere.

Online -shop

Not overly impressed

Although no stranger to Amazon etc, this was my 1st use of Tesco Online.
To avoid a £5 delivery charge I opted to collect my order from my local superstore, and I received an email saying it would be there after 4 pm on Monday.
I went at 5:15, and stood at the empty counter for three minutes before someone was called to attend to me.
My order was brought out in a dirty and battered cardboard box that the assistant opened to check the contents were ok because, he said, it was wet when it came in. If he hadn't got in first, I would have insisted myself that he checked it.
Everything was fine and I took my order home, but 7:30 pm I answered my phone to hear a recorded message telling me my order had been delayed for 24 hours and I could now collect it after 4 pm on Tuesday!
On Tuesday I received another email telling me my order was now ready to collect, and another recorded phone call. After checking my credit card account to make sure they hadn't charged me twice, I must admit I was really tempted to go to the store to see if they did indeed have a duplicate order for me, and if they were daft enough to give it to me.


I agree entirley with previous reviewer

I ordered car parts on Tuesday 15 May, received an email giving an estimated delivery date of Thursday 17 May.
Nothing received by Monday 21 May, the website says 48 hours delivery, so I phoned the number they give. A guy with a strong accent tells me that they have an office in the UK but the parts come from their main department in France.
He then went on to say that three days last week were a bank holiday in France, so nothing was moving in that time.
I am absolutely flabbergasted, and there is no way I will use this company again.
UPDATE: He lied to me. I've since found online that only Thursday was a French public holiday, by which time my order should have reached the UK and been on its way to me.

Oct.2013 Update: Four months for Mister-Auto to post a reply is on a par with the speed my order took, lol. How can they say they need up to a few days to prepare an order when the site said 48 hours delivery?

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12 September 2013

Reply from mister-auto.co.uk

Dear Customer,

We are constantly working on the improvement of our website and services and are grateful you have taken a moment to share your experience.

We would like to take this opportunity however to react to your post. Before we ship an order, we need some preparation time which varies from a couple of hours to a few working days, depending on the availability of the ordered parts.

The status of your order can be checked via your account on our website. If you submit your customer number however, we can provide more specific information about the order, the delivery periods etc.

We hope to have provided some more information about our procedures and hope to welcome you once more on our website.

Kind Regards,


Pain in the posterior

I'm on o2 pay and go. Without fail, every single time I make a call I get a text immediately afterwards from o2 with some advertising stuff. I finish my call, my text tone plays, well I never it's a message from o2. I always wait for it now, with my finger poised in readiness over the delete button. Go away, o2, I'd love to be able to make calls without having to do this.


The best price + excellent service

After I hastily placed an order online after Christmas for what was the last remaining one of what I wanted, Just Projectors phoned me to tell me the model I had chosen was unfortunately no longer available, and I was offered a slightly dearer alternative for the same price. At my request the details were emailed to me, with which they helpfully included a specification sheet. After checking reviews of the product I was happy to go for it, and an exchange of friendly emails culminated in me being told I should receive my order early in January. Imagine my surprise and delight when it was delivered the very next morning!


Unlikely to use them again

Ordered a radiator on a Saturday, and on Tuesday received an email giving a delivery date for the following Monday. By today's standards that's a long time for an online order, but fortunately I didn't need it urgently.
Stayed indoors all day on the Monday, no delivery, so at 16:00 I phoned Plumbnation. After listening to adverts for 10 minutes I hung up. Tried again later, this time I listened to adverts for 15 minutes before I'd had enough of waiting. Something told me that even if I did get through, it would be a waste of time.
The email says delivery dates are only approximate. So what's the point of giving a date if it could mean people are going to be sitting around all day for nothing?
My rad was delivered the next morning, Tuesday, but the paperwork had Monday's date on it.
When I later got my phone bill, I found that those fruitless calls had cost me £1.75.


Appalling store in HA4

Only a mile and a half from my home but I've had so many bad experiences with them I'd rather drive miles further to B&Q.

1. The lights on an expensive fibre optic christmas tree failed after just one week. I worked out it was the transformer & took that back hoping for a straight swap. They were preparing for their big sale & had put every single bit of christmas stuff away, staff lied to me that they had sold every tree. No sympathy received. I had to go back home, remove all my decorations from the tree, pack it up & return to the store again for a refund. Then I had to drive around looking for another tree, which wasn't easy just a couple of days before christmas.

2. My toilet flushing lever broke, under the chrome finish it was just plastic. Homebase had the same one or a metal one, I bought the latter but the stupid design meant it was a really loose & sloppy fit. I contacted Homebase head office and said they should be ashamed of selling such crap (or polite words to that effect). They said they'd send me a cheque to the value, but I never received it in spite of giving them a nudge, & as it was only £7 I didn't pursue it.

3. Faulty flourescent light unit in my kitchen had to be replaced urgently. At end of installing new Homebase one I found there was a little crack in its plastic end cap. Took this back, they said I had to bring the complete light back. I didn't have time to take it all down again & get a new one up before it was dark, so I went over to where the lights were in the store & helped myself to an end cap out of a box. Problem sorted as far as I was concerned.

4. Bought a bag of Homebase multipurpose compost which turned out to be bone dry and partly set in a solid lump. Help desk at the store said go and get another one. They were all the same, I found, so I was given a refund, but there was no interest whatsoever in the faulty stock or customer dissatisfaction.

5. Returned a Rug Doctor & after queuing for ages, it turned out there was no-one present who knew how to do the paperwork. They said they'd try & get hold of the manager who was on his rest break, & I would have to wait. After 10 minutes I was on the verge of going ballistic, when looking around I spotted on a till the woman who had served me when I hired the machine. I made them get her, you could see by the look on her face she wasn't very pleased but she dealt with the forms efficiently and I got my £50 deposit back. By the time I got away I had been in the store for nearly 25 minutes.

So, I have no intention of ever setting foot in a Homebase store ever again.

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