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Overpriced and poor website

Everytime I have booked a room through Travelodge they have wanted in excess of £50.00.

Lets get this straight first of all - they are a cheap motel, nothing else. They have no public facilities, lounges, bar, restaurant etc, just a reception and very basic rooms. So why am I paying prices that a 3 star Hotel charge?

Then there are their 2 websites running side by side. Use the one that starts www2 as the other is woefully slow and doesn't work correctly with Firefox or Google Chrome.

The customer service over the phone is reasonable although they are limited on the information they can give and also remedial methods should the website break mid transaction and mess up your booking.

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Still hiding those costs

After much coverage in the media about cheap airlines hidden charges, Ryan Air still insist on adding the charges only after you've decided which destination / time / date to fly.

Pyut them up at the start them we can compare easily as the flights I went for were cheaper at BA, KLM and Air France.


Started poor but made up for it.

Having used Tesco Direct a fair few times it's only fair that the review is reflective of their whole service, not just a single occasion.

My first order was lost, found, lost again and finally disappeared all together. However, the customer service assistance was excellent to beyond reproach and since then all my other orders have been perfect.

The website is easy to use, easy to navigate around and simple. The ordering process is just as easy. Delivery communication was excellent on all occasions including the first and follow up communication has been good.

All in all a good company to deal with and worth using in the future.

If you've had a bad experience though - give them another try, they WILL make up for it and the customer service really do care.


Reviews by people who don't know what they are on about

It is staggering that this company still allows anonymous reviews by anyone and everyone regardless whether they have eaten at X restaurant or stayed at Y Hotel.

The vast majority of negative the reviews are unqualified and written by people with a grudge and the vast majority of the superb reviews are written by people who are either related to or actually by the owners of the businesses. Even Trip Advisors own CEO says that the reviews posted should be taken with a lightly at best.

Then there are trip advisors staff who are under so much pressure to ensure negative reviews are posted and stay on, in the words of their own marketing manager, nothing sells quite like negative stories - hence their 'Horror Hotels' emails to all their users.

If you want actual reviews by genuine people who stayed at Hotels, then visit Laterooms - they can only leave a review there if they have actually stayed at the Hotel.

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